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Volkswagen Engine Overheating

When to Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor of your Volkswagen

by Dutch Silverstein October 19, 2022

Volkswagens suffer technical issues such as the coolant temperature sensor failure. When this happens, the proper function of the car is disturbed. So, if you own a Volkswagen, you should know what causes a failure in how the coolant temperature sensor of your car functions and what to do when this fault occurs.

The coolant temperature sensor is a component that provides data to the engine control unit which in turn, helps determine an adequate supply of coolant and a proper degree of temperature to the car engine. It also helps to provide information to the temperature gauge that regulates temperature supply to the car engine and its parts.

When the coolant temperature sensor of your car develops a fault, therefore, the temperature that is circulated through the car parts and the heat generated by the engine is not measured and could threaten the performance of your car.

Causes of a Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure in Your Volkswagen

A coolant temperature sensor failure, first of all, is a rare issue in a Volkswagen. This is because the brand factory has provided their users with a schedule for the engine cooling system. This schedule helps them regulate the cooling process and make sure the engine is in safe condition in regards to the temperature at all times.

This also means that the major cause of a coolant temperature sensor failure in a Volkswagen is failure to stick to the schedule for the engine cooling system which Volkswagen has provided its users. This allows overheating, corrosion, engine breakdown, exposure to excessive temperature, and other issues that could damage the engine and its function. You must know when to replace the coolant temperature sensor in your Volkswagen to avoid its failure.

How to Detect a Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure

These are indications of a coolant temperature sensor failure in your Volkswagen. They could also be referred to as the symptoms, as they also help to diagnose a fault in the coolant temperature sensor. They are:

Check Engine Light

This feature is originally designed for your car to alert you of technical faults in almost any part of the car that affects the engine. Also, in the case of a coolant temperature sensor failure, the check engine light in your Volkswagen would come on at intervals to alert you of the issue.

Do not ignore the check engine light from your at whenever it comes on so that the issue does not remain unattended to but swiftly get the issue addressed so that it does not become a more complex one.


When the coolant temperature sensor develops a fault, it can no longer send accurate information to the temperature gauge and engine cooling system. This leaves you unaware of the limit of heat that you can push your car to. As a result, overheating may take place.

Also, when the coolant temperature sensor fails to work with the temperature gauge to regulate temperature supply in the car engine, the emissions in the engine might create excess heat that would then result in overheating of your car. This is a very obvious sign of a coolant temperature sensor failure in your Volkswagen.

Decreased Fuel Mileage

When the coolant temperature sensor functions improperly, it sends false information to the engine cooling system and temperature gauge such that it reports negatively about the engine function and results. This allows the engine to demand more fuel than usual and emit thick black smoke from the exhaust even while accelerating slowly or steadily.

How to Fix a Failing Coolant Temperature Sensor in your Volkswagen

The solution to fixing a coolant temperature sensor failure in your Volkswagen is to replace it. Being a computing machine requires specific knowledge that is only common to a service technician to replace it appropriately without causing any further damage.

Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensor

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