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Preventative Car Maintenance

Resolution Ideas for You and Your Car in 2022!

by Dutch Silverstein January 7, 2022

Wishing you a prosperous New Year, it’s hard to imagine that 2022 is already upon us. With January comes making a list of New years resolutions & then forgetting about them in a few weeks. A&M Auto Service is here to help you maintain your vehicle’s New Years’ resolutions & give some inspiration. In 2022, let’s make yourself a better vehicle owner and keep your car in the best condition from now on.

Preventative Maintenance with European Specialists

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle running efficiently and continuously for many years. And creating a schedule is one of the best resolutions that one can take. The benefits of preventative maintenance are endless. And by having a team of professional auto mechanics like those at A & M Auto Service inspect your vehicle, you can be sure we won’t miss a thing. Our trained mechanics offer many preventative services, from changing your oil to flushing your transmission to inspecting tire tread and more. Taking care of your car helps you out in the long run; properly maintained vehicles are highly sought after!

Build an Authentic Relationship With An Auto Repair Shop

In life, maintenance is necessary for all that we do to thrive. Examples include cleaning the kitchen to foster a warm environment for your family to eat, scheduling quality time with your friends & family to foster closeness, build trust & increase happiness. Going to the dentist/doctor routinely helps our bodies & minds stay healthy. Each of these activities are regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for yourself. Now, what if we tell you you need to do the same for your car? As mentioned earlier, preventative maintenance is as crucial for your vehicle as going to the doctor is for you. When we go to the doctor, we don’t go to a new one each time, that would be foolish & waste time. This is also why we discourage taking your vehicle to a chain auto-shop with a continually rotating crew who never gets acquainted with your vehicle’s ongoing needs and nuances.

Our qualified auto repair team consists of the best people in the automotive field with years of training and experience on the finest, most advanced vehicles on the road. Our auto repair technicians are ASE certified, and A&M is an authorized BOSCH and Napa Auto Care Center. We ensure each of our technicians has dealer-level factory training under their belts. Our auto repair experts also receive and review monthly updates and service bulletins for use in the shop and are equipped with the latest specialty tools, software, and skills to repair your car quickly, efficiently, and on time.

Our auto repair team has over 50 years of combined experience in the automotive repair field, and we continue to add to that in our commitment to you. Create a lasting auto-relationship with A&M Auto Service in the New Year. It will be the best resolution you could do! When we recommend maintenance or repair, it’s based on the results of a Comprehensive 30 Point Courtesy Check with emphasis placed on Safety and Reliability, taking into account the manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance.

Develop A Regular Cleaning Routine

For some of you, keeping your cars clean comes easily, but for the rest of us, it’s a hassle. For those who always end up in the same place with a cluttered car, this new year can be a fresh start for a clean car. First things first, pull all the trash and clutter from your vehicle. Your vehicle should be tidy, not filled with old water bottles and dirty socks. Once the trash is taken care of, it is an excellent opportunity to organize the essential belongings in your car (do you have an emergency kit?) Next up, it’s time to give your car the deep clean it has always needed. So, pull out the vacuum for the seats and floors, and wipe down the dash, windows, vents, and everywhere that is dusty. Once that is done, take it through a car wash and see that paint shine. If you are feeling excited about your resolution to keep your car in tip-top condition, here are some ideas of items to purchase, such as a shop-vac or nice automotive cleaning products so that you can use time & time again. Finally, it can be helpful to keep a small trash can in your car. Instead of throwing trash on the floor or the seats, toss them in a bag. Not only will this keep your car clean, but it will support a good habit and reminder moving forward.

Make a pledge to your car and start 2022 on the right foot to take care of your vehicle this year; in turn, it will take care of you! At A&M, you can count on our expert technicians to give you and your car the best treatment around. From Charlotte, NC, to Pineville and beyond, you can trust A&M Auto Service for all of your auto service needs. Our entire team focuses on creating a top-notch customer service experience for you; we are here to serve. For peace of mind, please schedule an appointment with us today; or call at 704-583-2523. We are located at 12715 Downs Cir Pineville, NC 28134, USA.

The entire team at A&M Auto Service thanks you; we look forward to seeing you soon!

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