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Summer Heat Impact on Car

How Summer Heat Negatively Affects Your Car

by Dutch Silverstein July 1, 2021

If you have recently stepped outside, you know we are fully blessed by the North Carolina heat, and I mean heat. Given these dry, hot days, our vehicle becomes a haven away from the heat. But we need to keep in mind that our cars also rely on the upkeep that we as owners provide to ensure their lasting performance regarding these extreme changes in weather. Shifting temperatures can negatively impact your vehicles, especially in the blazing summer months. To prevent these unforeseen damages, A&M Auto Service is here to ensure your vehicle thrives all summer long. We provide you with factory-recommended repairs and services to get your vehicle safely through the torching North Carolina summer days. Continue reading to see how the summer heat affects different parts of the vehicle.

Your Vehicle’s Oil

Changing oil is more critical than ever in the heat as your vehicle’s engine needs all the lubrication it can get. A hot engine will need more lubrication than in the colder months, and it’s vital to change the oil at regular intervals to prolong the life of your vehicle. Especially given all the extra miles many people put on their cars during summer road trips, this may mean more frequent changes. We provide the necessary oil and fluid changes/filters services at ABC smog to ensure your engine is ready for those long summer road trips.

Car Batteries

High temperatures affect a car’s internal power-generating chemistry, which can be detrimental to your car’s battery life. Having one of our top auto mechanics clean the corrosive buildup around your battery’s terminals and tighten up your clamps to make sure the connection is solid is key to aiding the life of your battery. Reports show that vehicle batteries are much more likely to malfunction in the summer than at any other time. Hotter temperatures can cause battery fluid to evaporate faster, so staying on top of your battery’s maintenance is the best bet to avoid unexpected breakdowns. At A & M Auto Repair, we are more than happy to check up on or even replace batteries if you run into this problem.

Coolant & A/C

Vehicles surprisingly run better in the colder months due to cold air being denser than hot air; denseness allows your vehicle to intake more oxygen and maintain a higher horsepower. Then add in the essential air conditioning in the hot summer months, and it takes a toll on your vehicle’s performance. The A/C relies on power from the engine to keep your cabin cool. With the heat already impacting some critical parts of your engine, such as your transmission, it’s essential to be efficient and mindful of your A/C usage. One way to help is to be checking in on your air filters; by keeping a fresh filter in, you’re eliminating extra work that your vehicle would need to produce when you have the A/C going. Not only will you be aiding your vital A/C system, but you’ll be creating better air for your lungs, removing extra odors from the vehicle, and eliminating any pollutants that have built up over time in your old air filter.


Given all the fantastic summer road trips you’ll be embarking on, you won’t get very far with a flat tire. By swinging by A & M Auto Service to have your tire pressure a couple of times during the hottest months, you’re doing one of the most important things for your vehicle and protecting your summer fun. Tires on your vehicle expand when exposed to heat, and during the hotter months, the asphalt you drive on absorbs that heat creating the perfect environment for a flat or, in the worst case, a tire blowout, which is extremely dangerous and costly. By checking your tires, you can help prevent hazardous situations, get to your destinations faster, and ensure safety for yourself and everyone on the road.

From Charlotte, NC, to Pineville and beyond, you can trust A & M Auto Service for all of your preventive maintenance and summer auto repair needs, including tire maintenance and repair. Our entire team focuses on creating a top-notch customer service experience for you; we are here to serve. Schedule an appointment with us and have a qualified auto mechanic care for your vehicle; you will be glad that you did! A & M specializes in quality service and repair, so you can trust that your car is in the best of hands. For peace of mind, please schedule an appointment with us today; or call at 704-583-2523. We are located at 12715 DOWNS CIR PINEVILLE, NC 28134, USA.

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