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Ways to Repair Suspension Bushing Failure in a Volvo

by Dutch Silverstein April 20, 2021

When you own a quality vehicle like a Volvo, you expect a smooth ride. That ride is provided by a number of things — tires that are in good condition, an engine that runs as it should, and a quality suspension system, just to name a few. When part of your Volvo’s suspension becomes worn or damaged, you will feel the difference in the ride.

Suspension bushings are one part of the suspension that may become damaged. Knowing about this part and what symptoms to watch out for can help you keep your Volvo in peak condition.

What are suspension bushings?

Suspension bushings are basically rubber cushions used to absorb impacts in the joints found in your car’s suspension system. They help keep the suspension operating the way it should, prevent the joints from grinding, and even hold the suspension to the frame of the car.

Because of that, these suspension bushings are some of the most stressed parts in your Volvo, meaning wear and tear is a real danger to them, especially if you drive on rough roads fairly often.

As the bushings in your suspension experience more wear and tear, the worn-out rubber portions enable more and more movement of the suspension and offer less and less control over the car as they age. Aside from a bumpier ride, worn bushings can contribute to excessive tire wear, braking instability, and poor handling.

The bushings may wear out and need to be changed as a car approaches 100,000 miles, but driving forcefully or over numerous potholes can diminish the life expectancy of the control arm bushings.

How are suspension bushing issues diagnosed?

The first indication of bushing issues in your Volvo will be feeling the texture of the road more than you should in the car. You may feel the little bumps in the road more, or just experience more ‘road vibration’ as you’re driving. Other symptoms include a clunking sound when you make sharp turns or have to hit the brakes quickly, rattling noises on uneven driving surfaces like gravel roads, and a trembling feeling in the front of the car.

Even if you haven’t noticed any of these symptoms yet, your service technician may discover the problem during routine maintenance, especially when servicing anything to do with the tires. The control arm, which connects the suspension to the frame of the vehicle and uses several bushings, can affect the wheels of the car, and so your service technician may see the telltale signs of worn bushings early.

How are suspension bushings replaced?

Because suspension bushings are located throughout your Volvo’s suspension, the amount of work involved in replacing the bushings will depend heavily on exactly which bushings need to be replaced. Some may only require the tires to be removed, while others may necessitate the entire car being lifted to provide access to the parts you need.

Because the suspension is so integral to the proper operation of your Volvo and can be a rather delicate system to take apart and reassemble, it is recommended that you leave suspension bushing replacement to the pros. This can save you the headache of potentially causing more damage while working on your car, and will ensure you can enjoy a smooth ride once a skilled service technician has completed the repairs.

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