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Tips to Diagnose Jaguar Engine Oil Leaks From Expert Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein February 8, 2020

For many, a Jaguar has been their dream car since childhood, and with how stunning every model looks and how amazing they drive, it’s really not hard to see why. Perfectly combining style and substance, Jaguars cars represent rare examples of motoring perfection. However, this engineering idyll can be disrupted by part failure, and oil leaking from your Jaguar is certain to dampen the appeal of this reputable car. Therefore, when you’re faced with a leak, you want to get to the heart of the problem quickly. It is for this reason we will explore some helpful tips so you can diagnose common reasons for engine oil leaks in your Jaguar.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

First, let’s look at some of the usual suspects behind oil leaks. Knowing these will help you pinpoint the source of the oil leak and respond accordingly.

1. Damaged or Old Seals

To prevent leaks, your oil system needs to be watertight. To ensure this, your system has oil seals. However, without the correct maintenance and given time, these seals can deteriorate and cause the issue they are designed to prevent. By replacing worn-out seals when needed, you are ensuring that oil leaks caused by bad seals are avoided, which keeps the rest of your vehicle safe from oil contamination.

2. Failed Oil Pan

In Jaguars, the most common causes of oil leaks is damage to the oil pan. The oil pan is located underneath your Jag and can be punctured by debris on the road. When it becomes damaged, it allows the oil it holds to seep out on the ground.

3. Issues with the Drain Plug or Filler Cap

Found at the base of the oil pan, the drain plug is what allows you to drain off oil when needed but also keep oil in the pan. When this isn’t screwed on properly or the threads are damaged, it will also allow oil to leak on the ground.

4. Valve Gasket Failure

Common in vintage Jags that have driven many miles, the valve gasket is what connects the engine block to the oil pan. Given time, this valve can fail, which can be accelerated by oil sludge build up. This allows oil to leak.

5. Excessive Oil

Keeping your oil levels topped up is a great maintenance practice, but don’t exceed the fill line, as this can allow oil to escape through the cap, causing a messy leak which could have easily been avoided.

How to Check for Leaks

There are several ways you can be a vigilant Jaguar owner and keep and eye out for oil leaks. First, you should monitor your oil’s dipstick. Check this when your engine is cool, preferably in the morning after the car has been sitting overnight. Over a period of days, if the oil level is steadily dropping, then it is a good indication you have an oil leak inside your vehicle, even if there are no droplets on the ground.

If you notice blue smoke coming from your tailpipe, then your Jag likely has an oil leak, as the blue color is made by burning oil which can cause serious damage to your catalytic converter. This needs a quick response to avoid costly repairs of this expensive component.

Of course, the most obvious sign that motorists notice is brownish-black stains on the ground under your car. You can double check that oil is leaking by placing a piece of paper under your car before you go to bed and check for stains in the morning. If the liquid you see isn’t a brownish color, then you likely have a leak that isn’t oil-based, such as coolant or transmission fluid. At the very least, you are nowarmed with more information to discuss with an expert team of mechanics in Pineville.

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