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Mercedes Gear Change Difficulty

Tips from Pineville’s Mercedes Experts to Prevent TCM Failure

by Dutch Silverstein February 28, 2022

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you can certainly agree that the craftsmanship of your vehicle is exceptional. Due to its premium quality and performance, you want to make sure that it’s always in great running condition. However, you can run into trouble with your Transmission Control Module (TCM). This is why we have gathered tips from our experts on how to prevent TCM failure in your Mercedes.

What is a TCM?

Before we proceed, let’s understand the TCM and what it does for your Mercedes. A TCM is an electronic system that’s vital to the overall performance of your vehicle. It collects and processes data for your transmission to work as designed. If your TCM is not working properly, your vehicle may experience trouble shifting gears.

The TCM also works with other parts of your vehicle, including the engine, turbine, and throttle position sensor, as well as brake pedal sensor. If you have a faulty TCM, your vehicle will eventually break down since these important parts are not receiving the right information.

Dangers of Faulty Mercedes TCM

Just like any make or model of cars, premium vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz can also malfunction in the long run. If your Mercedes TCM fails to operate properly, then you should take it to an expert car repair company right away. A malfunctioning TCM will not only give you unexpected troubles while on the road but it could also potentially damage the other parts of your vehicle, costing you more for untimely repairs.

Your TCM affects how your Mercedes operates, and if it’s not working properly, there’s a high possibility that you won’t be able to control the vehicle entirely. So, if you drive even with a faulty TCM, it could be really dangerous as it can lead to a vehicular accident. That’s the last thing you want to happen. If you think there’s any trouble with your TCM, make sure to contact an expert right away to have it diagnosed and prevent more problems in the future.

Signs of TCM Failure

If you notice these warning signs of a failing TCM, it’s highly recommended that you call your auto repair service provider right away, because they will properly diagnose it quickly for you. The most common symptoms of a malfunctioning TCM are the following:

  • You experience trouble in shifting gears
  • Your gear is stuck
  • Your car’s engine creates loud strange sounds
  • It’s difficult to shift to high gears when your vehicle is trying to accelerate
  • It’s difficult to shift to low gears when your vehicle is slowing down
  • Your car’s gears shift on their own to neutral or another gear when you are driving
  • Your car’s transmission tends to overheat quickly even if you haven’t driven far yet

What to Do if Your Transmission Gear is Stuck Due to a Faulty TCM

If you have a malfunctioning TCM, problems can arise anytime and anywhere. Your Mercedes could be stuck in a particular gear.

If you’re far away from home and this occurs, consider trying these basic steps before you call our professionals for a tow.

  • Pull over safely, turn your vehicle off and remove the key.
  • Don’t press any buttons on your vehicle.
  • Don’t press the gas pedal for twenty seconds.
  • Start again and test drive to check if it’s out of limp mode.

If you do these steps, there’s a possibility that your transmission will be back to normal, but it won’t fix your TCM and other underlying problems. If your Mercedes has a faulty TCM, you need to have it repaired by an expert TCM mechanic right away.

Mercedes Transmission Control Module Check

If you ignore these kinds of problems in your Mercedes, it will trigger limp mode again. So, the moment you see the first warning, find an auto mechanic asap and save the other components of your vehicle from failing as well.

The TCM of your Mercedes affects the functioning of most of the transmission system components. Thus, when it malfunctions, the engine will also suffer. In order to prevent your vehicle from stalling and eventually breaking down, you need to have your TCM fixed as soon as possible.

The moment you notice early warning signs that your TCM is not functioning properly, we are here for you. We serve clients in and around Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. Contact us at A&M Auto Service to help you with your necessary TCM repairs.

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