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Volvo Cooling Fan Module

The Easiest Ways to Deal With Cooling Fan Module Failure in Volvo

by Dutch Silverstein November 10, 2020

One of the most common problems Volvo drivers run into is a failing cooling fan module. Luckily, this problem is usually a relatively inexpensive and quick fix if done by an experienced professional. This article will walk you through all you need to know about the cooling fan module in your car and what to do when it malfunctions.

The Cooling Fan Module

A car’s cooling fan is an electrical system that monitors the internal temperature of the engine. If it’s working correctly, turns itself on and off, depending on whether the engine is too cold or too hot.

It plays a very important role in the engine’s performance and longevity. Without a cooling fan, the engine’s temperature will rise and stay hot for too long, leading its internal components to break down faster. This will eventually cause even more serious problems, such as complete engine failure, if not properly addressed.

Because of its importance to your engine, if you think your cooling fan might be malfunctioning, you should have it inspected right away so you can avoid much more expensive repairs in the future.

Signs Your Cooling Fan Module is Malfunctioning

In the winter, you may not notice a problem with your cooling fan because the outside temperature makes it harder for the engine to overheat, meaning that the fan may not need to turn on at all. In the summer, however, the heat outside of the car may make it difficult for the internal thermometer to tell when the engine is overheating. This means that the fan might stay off even though the engine is too hot.

Conversely, an electrical problem in the fan may cause it to stay on constantly, whether the engine is overheating or not. This could lead to the engine operating at a lower temperature than it should to function at peak performance. A colder than normal engine can often mean a drastically decreased fuel economy, so if it seems like a full tank of gas isn’t taking you as far as it normally does, a bad cooling fan module may be part of the reason.

Another possibility is that the fan may be working, but due to a buildup of debris or some other blockage, it is not performing as well as it should. As you drive, it’s natural that dirt and other contaminants will get through to the inside of your car, so this sort of problem cannot be easily avoided.

Finally, the fan could stop working due to a breakdown in its electrical connections. The inside of a car’s engine and frame is a very volatile place, constantly moving and bouncing around. Electrical connections involve thin metal wires that can easily be broken or moved due to this bouncing. This may cause important parts of your car’s internal systems to stop working the way they should.

A&M is the Easy Solution to Fan Module Failure

If you’re struggling with the cooling fan in your Volvo, the best thing to do is to take it to a trusted repair shop and get it fixed or replaced.

Volvo Cooling Fan Motor Check

There are many YouTube videos and blog posts online claiming to be able to teach you how to repair it on your own, but it’s almost always better and safer to go to a trusted mechanic. This is because the cooling fan module in your Volvo is a very complex and delicate electrical system. With the many different ways that this system can stop working, an inexperienced mechanic will most likely have trouble determining exactly what the problem is. This could easily lead to a misdiagnosis or, worse, an attempted fix that exacerbates the problem.

In the end, it’s much safer and more cost-effective to simply take the car to a repair shop with knowledgeable and licensed technicians.

If you need help with your Volvo, there’s no better place to go than A&M Auto Service. We’re conveniently located for Volvo drivers in Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, North Carolina. Our ASE-certified technicians are specially trained in repairing and servicing European import brands like Volvo, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and many others. Feel free to contact us to learn more. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your trusted Volvo service center for your future needs.

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