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Reasons Behind VANOS System Failure in BMWs From The Experts in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein November 15, 2019

Beginning in 1993, BMW equipped their models with their famed VANOS system. This was designed to optimize their powerful engine’s performance. The system lowers exhaust emissions, optimizes torque, and increases fuel economy. If you are experiencing a lack of power from your BMW, or it sounds as loud as a diesel truck, you may have an issue with your VANOS system. Let’s take a look at the VANOS system and discuss some ways you can recognise failures.

What causes the VANOS system to fail?

There are a few issues that may lead to VANOS failure. The first issue is o-ring failure. These rings are made from rubber and can break down and deteriorate naturally over time.

The second most common issue is with the solenoids, which can get clogged. If dirt and debris block the solenoids, they will not be able to work properly.

Symptoms of a Failing VANOS System

The most important factor for a driver is being able to recognize the signs of a failing VANOS system. When this important system begins to fail, you may experience several different issues, such as rough idling, poor fuel economy, sluggishness, and sign of leaking. Let’s dive further into these issues so you can watch for signs in your BMW:

Rough Idling

Drivers know their cars. When you feel your BMW idling roughly or loudly, or if you hear a strange rattling noise, these issues could be caused by vibrations if the gears are loose. This symptom is commonly referred to as the VANOS rattle.

Poor Fuel Economy

There are several issues that may lead to excessive fuel use, and one of those is a failing VANOS system. No one wants to fill up their gas tank often. If you notice you are getting gas more often, you should take note. By keeping track of your fuel mileage, you will be able to document the problem and gauge the severity.

Sluggish or Hesitation

When the VANOS system begins to fail, you may feel as though your BMW doesn’t want to accelerate as quickly as it once did. It may sputter or feel like it is going to stall. This happens because your engine isn’t getting the correct amount of fuel in and it is not able to properly disperse the exhaust.

Check Engine Light

Most newer vehicles are able to notify you when there is an issue by using the dashboard lights and check engine light. This warning indicator can be triggered by many different factors, but you should never ignore it. Always take your BMW to a certified mechanic for a diagnostic test to determine the exact cause of the problem. Procrastinating can lead to severe engine failure and more expensive repairs.

Regular Maintenance is Important

Staying current on your maintenance schedule can find issues before they become major problems. The VANOS system isn’t different from any other component and needs to be maintained to run correctly. Solenoids often fail and need to be replaced. Many times, regular maintenance and checkups will extend the lifespan of your VANOS system.

Frequently, with the VANOS system, you may never know there is a problem until it fails. The recommended maintenance schedule states that you need to replace seals every 50,000 miles. The complete VANOS system should be replaced at 70,000 miles.

Seek a BMW Specialist

To prevent performance issues with your BMW, it is important that you seek a certified mechanic to check for problems and continue proper maintenance. BMW models require technicians who have special training so they can diagnose and fix problems with BMW technology and parts.

Our mechanics at A&M Auto Service know BMWs inside and out. We have years of experience and can fix issues quickly and professionally. Our shop is equipped with the latest factory-grade tools and equipment. We always provide dealership-quality services at an affordable price.

BMW VANOS System Check

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