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Reasons Behind the Check Engine Light Illuminating in Your Mercedes in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein May 31, 2019

Mercedes-Benz is an automobile brand that exudes luxury. With timeless designs and quality engineering that is built to last, it is likely that being a Mercedes driver will be nothing but smooth sailing. However, even the most brilliant or advanced engineering can be susceptible to failure over time, especially if proper maintenance is lacking.

In this article we’ll be exploring some of the key reasons why you might find your Mercedes check engine light is illuminated, and how best to proceed with repairs or maintenance in response to this.

What is the Check Engine Light?

The check engine light is part of your car’s computer’s onboard diagnostic system (OBD). This warning light is found on your cars’ dashboard, and will illuminate yellow if the vehicle’s computer detects a potential issue.

Why is My Check Engine Light Illuminated?

As a car represents a complex piece of machinery, there are many reasons as to why the ‘check engine’ light may illuminate. On the whole, there are many reasons why this may happen in regards to your Mercedes, though we will highlight a few common ones below. However, it’s important to note that each car and its driver is different, and there may be less common reasons as to why your vehicle is showing this warning.

1. Loose Fitting Gas Cap

While any potential issue involving the engine of a car can understandably prove worrisome for drivers, often the issue can be as simple as a loose fitting gas cap. We’ve all been there at 7am on our way to work, filling up our car on auto-pilot. However, whenever you fill up your car it’s always important to make sure that your gas cap is securely refitted after refuelling.

If your gas cap doesn’t make a tight seal as designed, fuel vapors are able to leak out, which can make your check engine light illuminate. If you find this warning light comes on, then it’s best to first check the gas cap, as it could save you a trip to your mechanic.

2. Oxygen Sensor Issue

Your Mercedes’ oxygen sensor is key in making sure your car’s catalytic converter works properly. Unlike the gas cap, if your check engine light illuminates because of this reason, then immediate repair from a qualified mechanic is advised to ensure your car remains in top running order.

3. A Spark Plug Problem

Maintaining the condition of your car’s spark plugs is a mandatory factor of good car maintenance and ownership. Ideally your Mercedes’ spark plugs should be serviced or replaced after every 25,000 miles you drive.

A good mechanic will be sure to run diagnostic checks on your spark plugs with each yearly service. However, if you can’t remember the last time your car was checked over by a mechanic or you’ve been lax in scheduling maintenance and you notice this light becomes illuminated, then it’s best to take your vehicle in for a checkup.

4. Mass Airflow Sensor

The check engine light can also indicate that your vehicle’s mass airflow sensor may be faulty, or be indicating an issue with the air filters.

Other signs of this prior to the check engine light illuminating include your car achieving less miles per gallon than normal or emitting more emissions. If this is the case then it is advisable to seek professional guidance.

5. Catalytic Converter

As mentioned in the first point on this list, and representing the worst case scenario in regards to not only your car’s health, but also your wallet, the check engine light can also indicate the failure of the catalytic converter.

The catalytic convertor is integral to your Mercedes’ operation. This piece of technology is central for converting the toxic fumes produced by a running engine into less toxic emissions. This is essential not only for the environment, but the health of yourself and those around you. If you feel this is the likely reason for your car’s engine light illuminating, then it’s best to seek the services of a mechanic as soon as possible.

Mercedes Catalytic Converter Issue Check

Fixing a Check Engine Light Issue

As with anything involving the engine of your car, it’s really best to seek help from a professional mechanic as soon as possible. As the engine constitutes one of the most integral and expensive pieces of machinery within your car, it’s best not to seek DIY methods.

If you’re a Mercedes owner in the Pineville, Charlotte, or Greensboro, North Carolina area and want an experienced hand taking care of your precious motor, then A&M Auto Service is the place for you. Passionate about European cars and with years of experience, our team at A&M Auto Service is dedicated to getting you back on the road, hassle free.

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