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Reasons Behind Jaguar Spindle Failure from the Experts in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein September 25, 2019

Your Jaguar is rare, stunning, and known for its sleek design as well as impressive performance. Multiple components work together to create a truly unique driving experience that makes your car a cut above the rest. While Jaguar creates luxury automobiles, they are also susceptible to mechanism malfunctions or breakdowns. One of the most serious of these systematic problems is spindle failure.

The spindle serves a vitally important purpose in your vehicle. It is what attaches the tire and wheel to the steering system. It is an integral part of the overall suspension system. The spindle is most commonly made from forged steel in order to support the constant friction during operation along with the car’s weight. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that can cause spindle failure in your Jaguar. This failure can lead to other serious issues as well as safety concerns when driving.

Potential Reasons for Spindle Failure

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for spindle failure in your Jaguar:


Spindles are extremely sensitive to the way they are handled, stored, or even impacted during use. They do require proper storage when not being used. This includes dry areas, stable temperatures, and low humidity. Spindles are also affected by rigorous road conditions as well as strenuous driving. For example, skidding tires in your Jaguar will stress the suspension beyond its limits, causing extreme wear and tear. Even extreme speed bumps and large pot holes can cause serious damage.

Improper Lubrication

Adequate lubricant is critical to maintaining peak performance from the spindles. Technicians who work with European models are highly skilled and should be consulted to ensure the correct amount has been used. Improper lubrication can lead to malfunctions in the vibration, temperature, and operating speeds of the suspension system. It is imperative that the correct amount and the correct type of lube is used at the right time.


Contamination of the spindle will shorten the overall lifespan of the mechanism, leading to premature deterioration. Damaging contaminants can be introduced into the suspension system through various fluids and different types of particles. Improper assembly can also allow foreign objects to wreak havoc on the spindle. This is another reason as to why the experts should be consulted for suspension work as opposed to trying to work on the problem yourself.

Other reasons

Other reasons include bearing failure, spindle overload, and overall imbalance. If the worst happens and a spindle breaks in your vehicle, the whole unit should be replaced. Trying to wield or repair pieces is virtually impossible and not practical. If you have suspicions of a failing or faulty spindle, a certified mechanic should inspect and perform the necessary replacement as soon as possible.

A&M Auto Service

Properly addressing the spindle failure in your Jaguar is a delicate and precise process. At A&M Auto Service, we can provide the exact diagnosis for your Jaguar. We will confidently complete the required repairs when needed.

Jaguar Spindle Issue Check

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* Jaguar XJ image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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