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Professional Repair in Pineville of Self-Leveling Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar

by Dutch Silverstein October 9, 2020

The Jaguar is known around the world as a sleek, quality automobile. Cherished for having highly-engineered performance, thousands of Jaguars are sold each year to happy customers. This doesn’t mean they never experience problems. As with any mechanical machine, over time, there will be issues that crop up that need attention.  In this article, we will discuss the self-leveling suspension in a Jaguar and what to do if issues arise with the system.

The Purpose of a Self Leveling Suspension

Suspension systems for vehicles in the past have always been static. In other words, they are fixed systems that the vehicle has no control over. With a self-leveling suspension, your onboard computer has the ability to adjust to road conditions and uneven weights dynamically. This gives you a much smoother ride.

Causes of Self Leveling Suspension Failure

A self-leveling suspension is a hydropneumatic system that works off of hydraulic fluids and air to make adjustments. The adjustments are triggered by load cells tied into the car’s electronics that send the required signals to the onboard computer for adjustments to be made.

Being that there are several mechanical and electrical systems that control this component, you could experience failure in your Jaguar’s self-leveling suspension due to any number of issues. Some failures that can occur are:

  • hydraulic fluid leaks
  • air leaks
  • faulty load cell
  • an issue with your car’s computer system

What happens with a self-leveling system failure?

The first thing you could notice when you have issues with your self-leveling system is your car will sag on one side. With the system designed to level your car, after a complete failure, it will not be able to make adjustments. This is especially true if the failure results from a hydraulic or pneumatic leak.

If an electrical or computer failure occurs, you may find you Jaguar making several unnecessary adjustments as it attempts to find level. Other issues you may experience with your car when the leveling system is malfunctioning are:

  • poor braking
  • car drifting in the direction of the lean
  • issues steering around curves
  • a rougher ride with less cushion from the road
  • depending on the distribution of weight, the axles and other components may dragon on the ground

What to Do if a Failure Occurs

A failure in your Jaguar’s self-leveling system can be hazardous while driving. If you experience any symptoms of the car leaning in any direction while driving, this can cause problems driving safely. Stop and have your car towed to an experienced Jaguar mechanic to have your system inspected.

How to Prevent Issues with Your Self Leveling Suspension

From an owner’s perspective, there are some things you can do to help keep your Jaguar’s self-leveling suspension in good condition. Keep an eye out for fluid leaks and recognize when you hear air leaks. The problem is most of these happen when the vehicle is running, so you may not be able to watch for them easily.

Checking fluid levels is another way to catch a problem, as you should see some loss in the system if there is a leak. If you find any of these conditions, take your Jaguar to a specialist.

The best and recommended way to keep your suspension and entire car for that matter in good condition is to follow the recommended maintenance practices from Jaguar. These automotive experts have trained those who are certified to service Jaguar vehicles in what to look for and how to catch possible problems before they happen. Those who try to save money by skipping these services may be setting themselves up for expensive repairs later.

Jaguar Self-Leveling Suspension Failure Fix

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