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The Importance of Pre-purchase Inspections Before Buying a Car in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein March 24, 2017

Although the town is small, living in Pineville requires adequate transportation, especially if you travel to work. The town’s suburban growth seems to reiterate the fact that public transportation doesn’t always cut it. So, you finally decided to spend all that money you had been saving up on a car. You got a great deal on it too! Although the car was used, it seemed like it was in mint condition. You have always wanted a new car, but have not been able to afford one, so this was a perfect option for you. As you drive the car around for the first few weeks, you begin to notice odd things happening; the engine does not feel quite right, and it makes a strange sound that does not seem normal. Before you know it, you are stranded on the side of the freeway making a call to a tow-truck. What happened? The dealership in Pineville assured you that its previous owner had barely driven the car and it was in excellent condition, but evidence would prove otherwise. You suddenly wish you had an inspection performed on the vehicle before purchasing. Is this a thing?

Dealerships may want to swindle you

The answer is, yes—you may have a pre-purchase inspection performed on a car that you are interested in. It is highly advised that any prospective car buyer have their own inspection performed on a car before dropping the dough; this can give you an unbiased, objective, and expert opinion on the car’s value and functionality before you invest your life-savings into a car. It is common for dealerships to plead ignorance and swindle you into signing a contract that can be detrimental to your funds in a short period of time. While you may be excited to drive away in that “new” used car, think about the potential for something to go wrong—do you trust that the dealership has been honest? Or even more concerning, is it possible that they skimmed over the initial vehicle inspection in order to put the car on the lot sooner? Not only are these shady tactics morally concerning, they sometimes cause people to be put in unsafe conditions in a vehicle they are unfamiliar with.

It will save you money

A pre-purchase inspection can prevent disaster and a huge loss of money on your part. In Pineville, where most families’ income is between thirty and forty thousand per year, living modestly does not include the purchase of a car—especially when that car will immediately cost you more money with repairs that you were unaware that the car was in need of. In Pineville, A & M Auto Service offers excellent pre-purchase inspections for vehicles; they are objective, unbiased experts who are familiar with a plethora of different types of automobiles, and hold a genuine concern for the residents of Pineville. Pre-purchase inspections can save you loads of money on a potential detrimental investment by pointing out significant issues with a car’s engine or body that could lead to costly repairs that you don’t intend to sign up for.

Car Test

Final words

When you take your car in for a pre-purchase inspection, you should be looking for honesty and integrity in the shop you take it to. Providing thorough inspections, A & M Auto Service genuinely cares about the safety and well-being of Pineville residents—it is important that an inspection is administered with the intention of being detail-oriented in order to give the most information possible to the client. Often vehicle inspection will need to be performed on short notice—sometimes we don’t anticipate making a purchase until we are convinced by dealerships that it is the “right choice” for us, and a good inspection service can come through for you even at the last minute. While it is easy to get caught up in the hype of purchasing a new car, especially when you are somewhat desperate to become mobile in suburban Pineville, it is important to do your due-diligence as an informed consumer; make sure you have all the evidence that the car is a good buy and have it inspected by someone other than the dealership.

Before purchasing your “dream car,” take it to professionals you trust to ensure that it doesn’t become a nightmare.

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