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BMW Tail Lamp

If Your BMW’s Tail Lamp Assembly is Faulty, Get It Fixed by Experts in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein May 24, 2022

BMWs are made with a touch of class, which offers quality investment as a means of transportation for various social levels and standards. They are a luxury brand designed for comfort and performance. The BMW car brand maintains a high level of safety ratings, and as such, their models are sought after and enjoyed with all of their mechanical and technology advancements. However, BMWs are prone to develop faults with a faulty tail lamp assembly.

The Tail Lamp Assembly

The collection of lights at the rear of the vehicle is referred to as the tail lamp assembly. The lights help other drivers to see you clearly from the side and behind you. Lights are of the essence during night times, rainy days, snowy conditions, and during flooding.

From the BMW design for daytime running lamps, the taillights are constantly on when the vehicle engine is running. This light shines brighter the moment the brake system is engaged. The brightness helps vehicles coming from behind to know the brake system has been engaged in your vehicle and helps to avoid any form of crash.

The tail lamp assembly equally has lights that help provide turning signals. These lights help other road users and vehicle drivers to know your intentions when you are about to take a turn or change lanes.

As a guide, if you observe that the tail lights don’t come on when your vehicle engine is engaged or when you engage the brake system, there are obvious reasons to have the lights checked. If you equally engage your turning signals or use the gear system to put the vehicle on reverse, and the lights still do not respond, then the tail lamp assembly needs to be checked by a certified repairer.

Some Causes of a Bad Tail Lamp Assembly

There are many reasons that can cause your BMW tail lamp assembly to become faulty. We will examine the top reasons why this fault may occur:

  • Broken or blown fuse: A potential cause of a faulty tail lamp assembly problem is a broken or blown fuse. A fuse is small in size and it is not expensive. However, if you need your vehicle to be running smoothly consistently, so their importance cannot be over-emphasized. Your taillights will stop working when the fuse that powers it is faulty, broken, or blown out.
  • Damaged brake light switch: A damaged brake light switch is another common issue why the tail lamp assembly may not work. At times like this, all that is needed is a replacement of the brake light switch. Vehicle users and owners are advised to seek professional hands during times like this. It is beneficial to bring your vehicle to our certified BMW repair shop to fix this issue.
  • A burned out bulb: This is one of the common causes of a faulty tail lamp assembly. Once a bulb fails or it’s burned out, the tail lamp assembly will be faulty. This issue is not unique to BMWs, as every car can experience it at any given time. The burned-out bulb could be the taillights, turn signals, or brake lights. If this is the issue, then it’s a simple fix. All that is needed is a change of bulb. The appropriate recommendation would be to bring your car to our approved BMW licensed repair facility for proper diagnosis and repairs.
  • Bad socket: This is a rather complicated issue than the name implies. Broken wires or corrosion can lead to a socket becoming bad. Vehicles experience wear and tear from constant usage and this could also lead to the sockets becoming faulty. The best fix is to bring your BMW vehicle A&M Auto Service.

BMW Tail Lamp Repair

Seek Professional BMW Service from A&M Auto Service

If you are experiencing a faulty BMW tail lamp assembly, the best place to have it repaired is at A&M Auto Service. We are a trusted service center for BMWs in your area. We offer expert repair service for drivers and vehicle owners in the Pineville and Charlotte areas as well as Greensboro, NC. Our technicians are experienced and have full certifications. We tailor our auto repair based on each customer’s needs. Give us a call today to set up a convenient appointment!

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