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How to Deal With Muffler Bracket Failure in a Volkswagen

by Dutch Silverstein December 29, 2018

When you purchase a Volkswagen, you know that you are purchasing this vehicle for its reliability, performance level, and endurance. A Volkswagen is a great vehicle to own no matter where you are in life. If you are a beginning driver, a Volkswagen is going to keep you safe as you learn to navigate those roads. Volkswagens also come in sleek designs that are fit for anyone looking for a vehicle with a sporty and classy look. Once you have secured your Volkswagen, you know that you will have a vehicle that is built to last.

After owning your Volkswagen for a significant amount of time, it will likely require a bit maintenance, as all older cars will. One part that may need replacing is going to be the muffler bracket. This piece is a small one, but it plays a crucial part in the performance of your vehicle.

What is a Muffler Bracket?

The muffler bracket is also known as the exhaust hanger. The main function of this piece is keeping the exhaust system hung up in place underneath your Volkswagen. As you can probably imagine, if the muffler bracket fails then your exhaust is not going to be securely in place and can cause issues for your vehicle.

The longer a failed muffler bracket goes unrepaired, the worse your Volkswagen will perform. As the exhaust is now no longer hanging up in the proper place underneath the car, it runs the risk of scraping against the ground if you drive over a bump. This is something that will definitely happen if you have lowered your Volkswagen. If that happens, you will have gone from only a failed muffle bracket to a scraped and damaged exhaust.

Identifying a Failed Muffler Bracket

Due to the fact that the muffler bracket is made of rubber, it is subject to drying out, cracking, and ultimately breaking as the years go on. There are a few different symptoms that you will be able to pinpoint if the muffler bracket has failed:

The Exhaust Hangs Visibly Low

Without the supporting pieces of the muffler bracket, your exhaust pipe is no longer safely secured underneath your Volkswagen. So if you are just standing, looking at the back of your vehicle and you notice that it is fully visible, then that should be the first indicator to you that there is a larger issue happening.

Loud Hissing Sounds coming from the exhaust

Due to the lack of support, the exhaust could end up with holes that can cause leaks. The leaks in the exhaust can produce loud, hissing sounds as the air escapes from places it should not be. The hissing and sometimes banging will be more noticeable to you when it is cold outside or when you are accelerating.

A Decrease in Acceleration, Power, and Fuel Efficiency

A third symptom that you should be aware of is engine problems. Due to the fact that the exhaust is connected to a system of parts that ultimately lead back to the engine, any cracks the exhaust has could travel to the pipes it is connected to. This will be from the excessive and additional stress your Volkswagen is under because the exhaust is no longer sitting in its correct spot. With this extra stress, the power and acceleration will be greatly affected.

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Repairing the Muffler Bracket

If you have been able to identify one or more of these symptoms, it is time to take your Volkswagen in to have it checked out. A&M Auto Service is easily accessible from the areas of Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, and is your best option for maintenance and repairs. We specialize in European vehicles so you can rest assured in the fact that all of our technicians are properly trained in anything Volkswagen.

When you bring your Volkswagen in to be looked at, one of our technicians will run a diagnostic and an inspection. Once the results have been determined, they will be thoroughly discussed with you in a way that can be understood. We will then go over the options you have and our affordable prices. The major difference in our service is that we take our time getting to know our customers and their Volkswagens, so we will be familiar with your vehicle and able to find any problems quickly so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible.

* Volkswagen Golf GTI image credit goes to: supergenijalac.

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