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Jaguar Coolant Level Low Warning Light

How to Deal with Coolant Loss in Your Jaguar

by Dutch Silverstein April 20, 2022

It is very important and necessary to always check your engine coolant to avoid coolant loss. Coolant in a Jaguar is mostly in the form of liquid used in regulating the temperature of a vehicle. It is also known as antifreeze.

Coolant loss in a car engine could cause a total breakdown if ignored. If for any reason you notice that your car engine coolant level has become low, you must have it refilled and find the leak or reason it depleted from the reservoir.

Common Issues to Consider with Coolant Loss

Try to identify the source of the leak. The antifreeze is always brightly-colored and has a sweet smell on purpose. Many car owners place a sheet of wide paper or cardboard in the garage to catch and identify any leaks that may occur under the engine of their automobiles. This also helps keep any stains off your garage floor. If you notice a leak when you back out, or you smell the sweet scent of antifreeze, seek out professional help for your Jaguar to preserve its engine.

  • Fix the damaged hose and clamps: Anytime you notice a leak from your Jaguar engine, it is advisable you consider checking your engine hose and clamp to know if they are compromised. If they are damaged, your mechanic can replace these to avoid coolant loss in your Jaguar.
  • Blown head gasket: Whenever your engine’s head gasket is blown, it needs to be fixed, because if ignored, it might cause other engine problems like oil leaking through the gasket to mix with your engine’s coolant. When this happens, it can cause catastrophic damage for your Jaguar’s engine. Many car enthusiasts call this “the milkshake of death” because of the frothy appearance of oil mixed with colorful coolant leaks.
  • Radiator crack: Anytime you notice a crack in the radiator of your Jaguar, bring it to certified Jaguar mechanics, who are experts in your model. Radiator cracks can lead to coolant loss if ignored.
  • Damaged radiator cap seal: The radiator cap seal is the component that helps the radiator to hold pressure in the engine. If damaged, or in the case of worn-out cap seal, it can cause coolant loss in a Jaguar engine.
  • Damaged water pump: The water pump is a component that helps coolant in your Jaguar’s engine to flow easily without being interrupted. Anytime you notice wear in your water pump seal, it will require immediate attention because if left unattended, it might cause other various engine problems, like overheating. This can leave you stranded if your engine is too hot to run properly.

Contact A&M Auto Service Today to Repair a Coolant Leak in Your Jaguar

If you start having engine problems with your Jaguar, the best option is to bring it to our experts. A&M Auto Service will handle all your Jaguar’s coolant loss. Our ASE-certified mechanics are here to offer our customers complete service and maintenance for all European vehicles, like Jaguar and other European or Import vehicles.

Our company is family-owned, and we operate by offering friendly services with a clean environment and a shop with a team that cares about customers and the safety of their vehicles.

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Achievements and Certifications of A&M Auto Service

We are pleased with our achievements through more than 20 years of work experience with the Jaguar brand and other European, domestic, and import cars:

  • We have ASE Certified Technicians.
  • We have a Bosch Auto Parts Specialist.
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  • We have merited Angie’s List Super Service Award through our outstanding services to our customers.

We are honored to let you know of these great achievements and certifications we have acquired through years of service. At A&M Auto Service, we offer services to customers in cities like Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. Request for an appointment with us today at our shop located in Pineville for our expert mechanics to have your Jaguar engine checked. We look forward to earning your business to perform all maintenance and service on your car for years to come.

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