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Effects of Blower Motor Failure in BMWs

by Dutch Silverstein October 6, 2018

BMW, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works, is a German-based company that has its headquarters in Munich. BMW has always been active in developing new technologies and increasing the performance of their vehicles. In 1972, BMW actually developed the very first electric vehicle. While it was not commercially available due to poor battery performance, it was a step forward in developing the electric car technology that is becoming so prevalent in vehicles today. Not only does BMW produce cars, but also the company has produced the world’s fastest motorcycle. Surprisingly, they achieved this impressive feat in 1937. They have even expanded their reach to design the interior spaces for both trains and planes.

While BMW continues to push boundaries with research and development, the cars they produce maintain quality and style. However, even with purchasing an excellent and reliable vehicle like a BMW, you may experience some problems every now and again. With proper maintenance and care, you will certainly have fewer dilemmas, but no vehicle is perfect. The blower motor in your BMW may fail, and if it does, it is important to be aware of the symptoms.

What is the Function of the Blower Motor?

The HVAC system in your vehicle is where the function of the blower motor comes into play. The HVAC system requires a motor that controls the fan that produces the airflow in your vehicle. The blower motor is what controls the air speed, and if the resistor is not properly functioning, you will have issues with the fan speed inside the car. Depending on time of year, this can be an extremely inconvenient problem to have.

What Symptoms are Related to Blower Motor Malfunctions?

Generally, the signs of a blower motor failure in your HVAC system are fairly self-evident. However, if you start to notice any issues with your fan control speeds, you will want to consider taking your vehicle to a professional to get diagnosed and repaired, especially if you will be experiencing extreme weather conditions any time soon.

The blower motor functions by relaying the electric current that is connected to the control speeds. If the HVAC system is experiencing a malfunction with the blower motor, your fan may not function at all. If the measurements of the electrical current are not correct, this can cause the resistor to overheat and stop functioning entirely.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the HVAC system has a broken blower motor, your fan may continue working, but it will only function at one speed. Generally, if there blower motor resistors and the fan is running, it will likely run at only a high speed. In this instance, it may be more tolerable to endure until you are able to get it fixed, but it will likely eventually stop functioning entirely.

Repairing the Blower Motor

In order to properly determine the cause of the HVAC fan speed malfunction, you will need to test the electrical current to figure out if your vehicle is meeting the average performance. If it is not, it is safe to assume that you will need to replace the part. This is a common issue with BMWs, and if you have a trusted mechanic, they will be able to replace the blower motor resistor easily. It is recommended that you take your car to someone familiar with working on BMWs since there are specialized parts and techniques needed in order to repair any issues properly.

BMW F26 X4

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