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Porsche 911

Does My Porsche Need an Engine Rebuild?

by Dutch Silverstein March 22, 2021

Porsche cars are known for being incredibly powerful, sporty vehicles. They are fun to drive and turn heads wherever they go. But when your Porsche needs an engine rebuild, it can be disappointing and costly.

If your Porsche needs an engine rebuild, look no farther than A&M Auto Service. Our expert technicians have all the parts, tools, and equipment needed to get the job done right.

Symptoms of Engine Trouble in Porsche

It is important that you recognize the symptoms of engine trouble before you break down. If you are experiencing any of the issues, have your Porsche looked at right away. Continuing to drive it can lead to even more damage and complete engine failure.

The following symptoms are often a signal there is an internal issue with your engine. This often means that your Porsche may need an engine rebuild.

  • Burning Oil: If your Porsche is burning an excessive amount of oil, your engine has an issue. It is normal for a vehicle to burn a very small amount of oil, but if your car is burning through a quart or more every 1000 miles you have a problem. It is important that you check your oil frequently and have regular oil changes to prevent the seizure of your engine.
  • Exhaust Smoke: You never see your tailpipe while you are driving. However, watch in your rearview mirror for signs of trouble. If someone tells you that your pipe is blowing thick, dark smoke, your engine may be in trouble.

There are several issues that can lead to exhaust smoke. The color of the smoke can also give you an indication of the problem. Blue smoke often indicates you are burning oil. White smoke means you have a coolant leak. Black smoke usually indicates that you are burning too much gasoline.

  • Knocking Noises: Loud knocking noises are often a symptom of bad engine bearings. The noise often gets louder when you rev up the engine. The sound is similar to drying a pair of shoes in the dryer.
  • Getting Poor Gas Mileage: When there is a problem with your engine, it can burn more gasoline. It is a good idea to keep track of your gas mileage. By doing so, you will know when your Porsche starts to burn too much gas.
  • Decrease in Performance: A delay in acceleration or a loss of power are common symptoms of engine trouble. If you are experiencing either of these issues, see your mechanic right away.
  • Misfires: A misfire can be a symptom of compression loss. This is a problem with one or more of your cylinders. Make sure to take care of this issue or it may lead to the need for an engine rebuild.
  • Oil Sludge: If oil sludge is found in your oil pan during an oil change, this is a sign that your engine is not working properly. Get this taken care of promptly to avoid a costly rebuild.
  • Metal Shavings in Oil: Metal shavings in your oil are an indication that there is friction between some of the parts. The oil should be lubricating the parts and preventing friction.

Porsche Models that are Susceptible to Engine Failure

Every Porsche can experience engine failure. However, the 996 and 986 generation of the 911 are more vulnerable. Their engines have a known fault that can only be fixed with a rebuild. The IMS bearing is a component that runs through the engine, and this bearing is susceptible to seizing. If this occurs, the only solution is a rebuild.

Porsche Engine Rebuild

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* Porsche 911 image credit goes to: Stratol.

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