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Common Owner Actions that Void Your BMW’s Warranty

by Dutch Silverstein January 29, 2023

Warranty coverage is a standard feature of almost every high-dollar purchase, including cars. When things go wrong with your car, the warranty protects you from defects, meaning the manufacturer will pay for the damage if it’s their fault. However, that doesn’t give you free rein to do whatever you want with the car. The warranty can be voided, or its coverage changed for several reasons.

How Do Car Warranties Work?

A warranty accompanies new and certified pre-owned vehicles, also called the manufacturer’s warranty. If faulty components or factory defects occur, the warranty protects you against costly repairs. A vehicle service contract, or extended auto warranty, extends your vehicle’s warranty protection after its factory warranty time limit expires. A third-party provider or dealership can sell you an extended warranty. However, it is possible to void your warranty or have your claim denied under manufacturer and extended warranty contracts in similar situations.

Owner’s Action That Can Void The Entire Car Warranty

Common Owner Actions that Void Your BMW's Warranty

  • Modified odometer: Having your car’s odometer removed, tampered with, or replaced will prevent the dealership from finding the exact mileage. Also, BMW warranties are void if your odometer has been modified. To ensure that a used car has an accurate mileage history report, run a vehicle history report before making a purchase.
  • Damage caused by environmental factors: Any environmental disaster will invalidate your warranty, including fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, or hailstorm. Your comprehensive car insurance may cover your car in these instances.
  • Vehicle misuse: Various interpretations can be made of this term, such as racing or competition of any kind, overloading vehicles, or going off-road if they are not designed for it. It is typically up to the warranty administrator to decide whether to void your warranty for these infractions. It may be possible for your warranty claim to be denied even if you do not have any evidence of abuse.
  • Severe Damage: The warranty will be void if your car has been involved in a severe accident, has been given a salvage title or is declared a total loss. If you are considering purchasing a late-model used car from an independent used car lot or a private party, it is important to keep this in mind. Vehicle history reports can give you an idea of a car’s past if you are still determining it.

Aftermarket Parts and Other Items

It should be noted that not all situations will void your warranty completely. For example, repairs for a specific part may not be covered in some cases, but the warranty will still cover the remainder of the vehicle.

  • Damage caused by aftermarket parts or modifications: There is controversy surrounding this aspect of warranty coverage among many customers. From truck lift kits to cheap off-brand replacement parts, aftermarket modifications come in all shapes and sizes. You can safely have aftermarket parts on your vehicle without voiding your warranty, regardless of what some dealers tell you. It is possible, however, for the dealership to deny your warranty claim if the part led to the vehicle damage. A dealership must prove an aftermarket part wasn’t installed properly or that a modification caused the failure of a component in these scenarios.
  • Using bad or contaminated fluids: If you use diesel fuel in your gasoline engine and keep the oil spaced out, the warranty will not cover any damage incurred. Your owner’s manual should provide instructions on what fluids to use and when to change them.
  • Taking no action: It is common for people to go years without changing their vehicle’s oil due to their ignorance. Make sure you avoid this if you have a warranty on your car. Dealers can only repair damage to a vehicle’s engine if it is serviced during scheduled maintenance.

Are you required to take your vehicle to the dealership for service?

You do not have to go to the dealership if you want auto repair or maintenance done elsewhere without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. The choice of where to service your car is entirely yours, in that these shops work hard to maintain your warranty.

Warranty-Approved BMW Maintenance

Trust A&M Auto Service For Warranty-Approved Auto Maintenance

A&M Auto Service offers quality auto repair and maintenance services, ensuring that your warranty remains intact and your car is well taken care of. We have served BMW drivers in Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. If you would like to schedule an appointment, use our convenient online form today.

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