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BMW 6 Series Oil Leak

BMW 6 Series Oil Cooler Gasket Failure: Causes & Prevention

by Dutch Silverstein July 26, 2021

One of the most common faults that many BMW 6 series drivers often have to deal with is the oil cooler gasket failure. And when this fault occurs, the high-quality performance for which BMWs are known becomes a negative experience.

Oil cooler gasket failure happens for a number of reasons that can sometimes be prevented. For the amount of money that a BMW costs, it’s understandable to want hassle-free driving for a long time, with the right maintenance. Below are some of the common causes of oil cooler gasket failure and some preventive measures that you can take, but first, let’s look at how it works.

How the Oil Cooler Gasket Works

The oil cooler gasket in your BMW is a seal that is responsible for keeping oil in the engine cool enough for it to lubricate the different parts in the engine. This it does by containing the oil in the engine’s cooling system, where the gasket keeps it to prevent it from finding its way out into the different engine parts.

It goes without saying that oil leaking into other parts of the engine can have damaging effects on the entire engine. This is because the oil cooler gasket will be unable to ensure the flow of only optimum temperature oil in the engine and this will do close to nothing to lubricate the parts.

Reasons for Problems with the Oil Cooler Gasket

The oil cooler gasket in your BMW 6 series can fail for many different reasons. The leading cause of oil cooler gasket failure is the regular wear and tear. The oil cooler gaskets in most BMW 6 series are made of rubber, a factor that contributes even more to their failure. This occurs when the rubber expands and contracts, according to the different temperatures in the engine. We all know how much heat can be released from a running engine even with the best cooling system.

Over time and after constant expansion and contraction, coupled with harsh weather elements, the rubber gasket is more likely to dry out. This means that it will lose its elasticity and start cracking. As a result, the oil cooler gasket will be unable to contain the oil in the cooling system to regulate the temperatures. The effect of this is that the oil will leak into other parts of the engine where it is likely to cause a lot of damage.

Signs of Oil Cooler Gasket Failure

When the oil cooler gasket in your BMW 6 series fails, you’ll notice a few signs that will point to the problem. The main sign of oil cooler gasket failure is oil leaking out of the engine. This will be visible if you find a pool of dark brown liquid under your car after you have been parking for a while. This liquid often has a rainbow-like hue when the light hits it at certain angles. Oil leaks of the gasket occur because it can’t contain the oil in the cooling system.

The oil cooler gasket in your BMW also prevents foreign substances from getting into the oil in your engine. This means that when it fails, dust and moisture will find their way into the oil. The result will be contaminated oil that is unable to lubricate the engine parts. If more foreign substances accumulate in the oil, they’ll cause clogging that can be difficult to clean out.

BMW 6 Series Oil Filling

Prevention Measures

When it comes to oil cooler gasket leaks, the one thing you can do to stay ahead of failure is to get frequent oil changes as recommended by BMW. The quality of oil that you use also needs to be as recommended by the manufacturer. With frequent oil changes, your mechanic will notice any signs of trouble before they become full blown issues. It also helps to ensure you only use high quality oil for your BMW engine; otherwise, no amount of frequent oil changes will be of any value.

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