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5 Car Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Ignore

by Dutch Silverstein August 10, 2017

Driving or owning a car is not simply a means to an end, but a responsibility and undertaking. Preventive maintenance is critical to extend the life of your vehicle and keep it safe on the road. Following the routine maintenance schedule designated for your vehicle by the manufacturer is important to keep your car in the best running condition possible, and will also keep your vehicle performing at its optimal level. Preventive maintenance is one way to keep your car in healthy condition; however, inevitable issues can still occur. Residents of Pineville, Greensboro, and Charlotte, NC most commonly use their vehicles to go to and from work, to pick up children, or to run errands; cars serve a pretty important role in our lives. If something goes wrong, our vehicle will usually try to warn us, and we should always pay attention. Knowing a trustworthy mechanic is the most important tool to keep in your back pocket when trouble arises. Here are 5 car-warning signs that you should never ignore, and indicate that you should bring your car to a professional service center immediately.

Each of these warning signs can be more severe than the other, depending on your particular situation. Regardless, it is critical that each of these signs is treated with the same level of importance as the last, because they could each lead to significant, expensive repair work later on.

Check Engine Light

The engine check light is dreaded by nearly everyone who has ever had car trouble. Usually this signifies that a critical component of the engine is failing or malfunctioning. Sometimes this could be simply related to a faulty sensor; however, it is imperative that you have the trouble code read and diagnosed by a professional automotive shop. Furthermore, the check engine light may be red or orange, depending on the severity of the problem.

Illumination of TPMS light

Tire pressure is important to maintain because your tires are the main point of contact between your vehicle and the road; if something goes wrong with your tires, your contact with the ground becomes unstable, and could cause an accident, especially at high speeds. If your tire pressure monitoring system detects that your tires are running on low pressure, then the TPMS light will illuminate on your dash. Take your tires to be filled immediately when this happens.

Vapor or smoke coming out of engine

Your coolant level in your car’s engine is particularly important in warm weather conditions. It is important to stay on top of your car’s fluid levels, particularly the coolant, because it is responsible for maintaining the temperature of your engine. When your engine is overheating, you may see vapor or smoke coming out of the engine. You should pull over, wait for the engine to cool and top it off with water or coolant before taking it straight to an automotive shop for inspection.

Pop-up of oil pressure light in dashboard

Preventive maintenance has a heavy focus on oil; filters, flushes, refills, etc. are all critical to keeping your engine running properly. If you are running low on oil, your oil pressure light will come on in your dashboard. If you notice that the oil is full, yet the light still remains, then you may have a more serious problem on your hands. Take your car to a professional mechanic for diagnosis immediately.

Car Oil Change

Illumination of battery light

Batteries can become drained, corroded, or malfunction in adverse weather temperatures; it is critical to have your battery inspected each time you visit your local automotive shop—this can ensure your safety as well as your car’s functionality when you are most reliant. If your battery is becoming drained or is not functioning properly, your battery light may come on. If the light remains illuminated for any period of time, you should have it inspected and possibly replaced.

A&M Auto Service can help you

A&M Auto Service performs inspections and diagnoses for the aforementioned issues on a daily basis; they have earned themselves the reputation in Pineville, NC of honest, affordable auto specialists. For over a decade, they have helped drivers address warning signs that could be hazardous or jeopardize their safety on the road, making their vehicles functional and reliable again at an affordable price. Their family-owned business philosophy emphasizes their attention to detail and the high quality of work they perform. Stop by the shop today for an accurate diagnosis of any concerning warning signs.


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