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Which Transmission Types You Need in Your Car

by Dutch Silverstein September 27, 2017

It used to be that prospective car buyers had only two options in transmission types: automatic or manual. Consumers can become easily overwhelmed with all the jargon and information that gets thrown around in the car buying process, especially when it comes to understanding the differences in various transmission types available on the market. In Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro areas of North Carolina drivers use their vehicles for various purposes; what one needs transmission-wise for hauling heavy equipment and materials in a pick up truck daily will be significantly different than the needs of a car enthusiast looking for a high-performance, thrilling drive to work everyday. The type of transmission you need will depend greatly upon your driving habits (how often you drive; how far you drive; and your driving style). Different transmissions will give you different results when it comes to power and efficiency in your vehicle, and it’s important to properly weigh your options before making a decision on what type of car will best suit you and your daily needs.

Functions of transmission

First let’s talk about the general idea of what a transmission does for your vehicle. The transmission is responsible for routing the horsepower from your engine to the four wheels on the ground, essentially giving it enough power to move. Without a properly functioning transmission, it is unlikely you’ll be going anywhere quickly, or at all. Because of recent developments in technology, there are no longer only the two limiting options for transmission types (automatic or manual), but there are a range of different transmissions that may fit different vehicles for various purposes.

Single-speed transmission

Some electric and hybrid cars have single-speed transmissions because they are still at an early phase in their engineering. As time goes on, single-speed transmissions for electric vehicles may shift into a more advanced design; however, for now, they are quite effective and give these fuel-efficient vehicles plenty of power to win a red-light race. In fact, the single-speed transmission isn’t as “underdeveloped” as one might think.

Fusion of automatic & manual transmissions

Another newer development in transmission technology gives drivers the ability to have the best of both worlds: a combination of an automatic transmission with the ability to shift gears manually, if desired. This gives the driver more control over the vehicle’s shifting ability, and has become quite popular in the automotive market. Many cars nowadays come with the option to have an automatic/manual combination, but with a slightly inflated cost, that might not be necessary for some drivers. However, as time has gone by, the engineering behind this transmission type has become sounder, and the cost has become more affordable. Similar engineering can be seen in continuously variable transmissions (CVTs); found in some electric vehicles and smaller scooter-types, CVTs are simple designs, but highly efficient—definitely not a match for the car enthusiast who loves sports cars.

Manual Transmission

Dual-clutch transmission

Last, and most effective for the typical high-performance lover, the dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is a more high-tech combination of an automatic and manual transmission. As the name indicates, it utilizes two clutches to shift gears rapidly and the vehicle’s computer can tailor the transmission functioning to the driver’s own unique way of handling. DCTs are compact and light—it adds little to no weight to your vehicle, allowing it to reach maximum speeds quickly and without any drag.

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