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Porsche Ignition Lock

Where to Service Your Porsche for a Failing Ignition Lock in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein July 10, 2021

Despite the high-end perfection that makes Porsche one of the most durable high-performance sports cars out there, your car can still have mechanical problems. A failing ignition lock is one of those potential problems that may develop over time.

Your ignition lock may be referred to as other names such as ignition lock assembly, ignition lock tumbler, or ignition lock cylinder. These are all typically referring to the same part of your vehicle. It is located on the right side of your steering column, where the key is inserted.

These are different from your ignition switch, which is an electrical component of your vehicle that allows it to power-on. The ignition lock is the mechanical part of this structure.

While some newer models of Porsche have keyless entry & start, many still use regular turn-key technology. The ignition lock cylinder allows the driver to turn the key to different points for various functionality.

If the ignition lock is faulty, some of these functions may not work correctly when the key is turned one, two, or three clicks. This can be very distressing for a vehicle that is normally as reliable as your Porsche.

Signs of a Failing Ignition Lock

The good news is that ignition locks don’t normally fail immediately without warning, like other mechanical problems. There are normally signs that will tell you that yours may be wearing out. If you’re aware of these common symptoms, you can have the problem diagnosed before the ignition lock fails completely.

Here are the common signs to watch for:

  • Problems with the key: One of the early signs that your ignition lock cylinder may be wearing out is when your key doesn’t turn correctly. When you insert the key, it should easily and smoothly turn to start the vehicle. If the key has to be “wiggled” before turning it or certain key positions don’t seem to work, then there’s a good chance that your ignition lock cylinder is starting to wear out or may be faulty.
  • Vehicle won’t start: If you try to turn your key and your Porsche doesn’t start, it could mean that your ignition lock has failed. However, many other problems could cause your car not to start, so it’s important to have the vehicle diagnosed by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Key is sticking: If your key feels like it’s “sticking,” where it won’t easily go in or come out of the ignition, it may be a sign of trouble in the ignition lock. This could also cause issues with being able to turn the key to the “accessories only” notch or make it difficult to have the key in the correct position to turn it at all.

Causes of a Failing Ignition Lock

There’s really no other system in your Porsche that you use more than your ignition. Because of this, it’s normal for the components to suffer from wear and tear. The most common cause of ignition lock failure is wearing.

If you have an older-model Porsche or high mileage, it’s a good idea to have your ignition checked out occasionally. The best prevention for complete ignition lock failure in your Porsche is with regular preventative maintenance and proper care of your vehicle.

If the cause is something as simple as normal wear and tear, the problem can be easily diagnosed and repaired before major damage occurs. It’s important that you visit a qualified service center with technicians that are familiar with the complexity of your Porsche.

Porsche Ignition Lock Repair

A&M Auto Service in Pineville Can Help

Our team at A&M Auto Service has been serving the Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC areas for over 25 years. We specialize in European luxury vehicles like your Porsche. If you suspect a failing ignition lock, give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop by for a free 30-point travel safety check.

Don’t wait for total ignition lock failure in your Porsche or risk being stranded somewhere because your vehicle won’t start. Come see us at A&M Auto Service at the first sign of trouble in your ignition system.

Dutch and the team at A&M Auto Service will quickly diagnose and resolve your failing ignition lock problem and get you back on the road quickly. It’s our goal to save you money while offering you a higher level of service than you will find at any other shops in the area. We look forward to being your trusted service location for years to come!

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