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BMW Engine Overheating

Warning Signs of an Oil Leak from an Alternator Seal in a BMW

by Dutch Silverstein March 17, 2022

Ask any car enthusiast to name a vehicle with power, elegance, and perfect harmony of functionality that can be trusted in a professional racing competition. This person is very likely to mention a BMW. Take the BMW 7 series, for example. The car comes with a 2993cc diesel engine and a petrol engine of 2998cc or 6592cc. On top of this, it has twelve cylinders and a 7.96 km/liter ARAI Mileage capacity. What’s more, it is crafted for the best possible driving experience one can ever wish for.

As impressive as the car sounds, like all machines, it is still susceptible to faults, especially in poor maintenance cases. One typical example of these faults is a broken alternator seal. Though BMWs can be costlier to maintain than a Toyota or a Honda, you will definitely get a better performance quality if you observe proper maintenance culture.

Functions Of an Alternator Seal

Before we understand the problem of a broken alternator seal, it is essential to know what an alternator is and what it does. In every car, the alternator charges the car’s battery while driving. This process occurs by converting the mechanical energy of the vehicle into electrical energy that can be used to power things like the air conditioning, the dashboard, and other vital automated processes.

On the other hand, the alternator seal is a rubber seal that helps to hold the alternator bracket in place. The alternator charges the battery, but the alternator seal keeps the alternator sturdy in the engine, thereby ensuring that oil does not flow to the alternator.

Causes Of a Bad Alternator Seal

The cause(s) of a bad alternator seal is associated with a flaw in the design of the alternator seal and the gasket combination, making it prone to breakage. Apart from normal wear and tear due to time, loss of elasticity, cracking, or drying are ways an alternator seal can get faulty. If the seal dries out and starts to crack over time, this will result in oil leaking from the engine and then into the alternator. Let’s take a look at the warning signs of a faulty alternator seal resulting from an oil leak in a BMW car.

Signs Of a Leaking Alternator Seal

The first sign of a faulty alternator seal is a lit check engine light, as this particular alert informs the driver of potential issues in the car engine. Other signs to look out for include:

  • Car Electrical Failures: When oil leaks into the car’s alternator due to a bad alternator seal, the power supply will be disrupted. This can further affect all the automated operations like the dashboard, radio, auto locks, and automated windows.
  • Bluish Smoke Emission: A bluish smoke emission from the tailpipe is often an obvious sign of oil leakage from the alternator seal.
  • Overheating Engine: An additional way to know if a BMW engine is experiencing an oil leak is when the engine starts to overheat. The oil in the engine is usually to prevent friction. If there is a shortage of oil, there will be increased friction which will cause overheating.
  • A Dead Car Battery: Since the alternator generates the power necessary for charging the battery, a leaking alternator seal will affect the alternator’s function. If the car’s battery suddenly goes dead and fails to produce the necessary power, the problem could be a faulty alternator seal.

A brownish pool of oil underneath your vehicle after parking is another prominent symptom of a leaky alternator seal. A burning smell while driving could also indicate oil leakage.

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BMW Alternator Seal Oil Leak Repair

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