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Mercedes Brake Warning Light

Turn to an Expert in Pineville if Your Mercedes is Suffering from Low Brake Pressure

by Dutch Silverstein August 12, 2022

Mercedes delivers excellence by seamlessly unifying efficacy, durability, power, and reliable technology. While you do not want any hitches to disrupt your driving experience, there are some issues that your Mercedes could develop that need attention. One of them is low brake pressure.

Causes of Low Brake Pressure in Your Mercedes

  • Inadequate Brake Fluid: The fluid in your brakes helps to convert the energy that you exert on your brake pedal into the force that is required to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. This brake fluid can degrade over time, especially if you haven’t had your brakes inspected in a while. If you can’t remember the last time you had your brakes serviced, it’s past time. Schedule a brake inspection, whether it’s to check for a lack of brake fluid or to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Poor Air and Pressure Supply: This is most likely the most common reason for low brake pressure, and it is also commonly known as spongy brakes. In normal circumstances, hydraulic pressure is accorded evenly to bring your vehicle to a stop. If there is a lack of pressure of air to these lines, a pressure imbalance can occur. Poor pressure can cause your vehicle to take longer to stop and over a greater distance than anticipated. This usually happens when there is a leakage or a low level of supply of brake fluid.
  • A Faulty Disc Brake Caliper Function: To come to a complete stop, your vehicle’s braking system must generate a significant amount of heat. The heat from your car’s disc brake calipers can be damaged, especially if they are constantly exposed to it. When your car is suffering a spongy brake or low brake pressure, your car is forcefully dragged to one side when you are trying to make a stop. If you hear a squeaky sound when you are braking, your disc brake caliper may have been damaged.

Signs of Low Brake Pressure in Your Mercedes

  • Resistance in Brake Pedal Function: When you step on the brake pedal, a lack of brake fluid can cause you to feel some restriction or low pressure from your brakes. This is called a spongy feeling. This is caused by a buildup of dampness in the brake system of your car. This begins to boil as a result of the tremendous amount of heat produced while braking. It increases the amount of air that reaches into the brake lines as well. Unlike brake fluid, the air that is supplied cannot be compressed and, as a result, causes the brake pedal to depress in a position further, reducing your car’s ability to stop.
  • Illumination of Brake Warning Light: Most vehicles have brake sensors in their braking system that interact with the car’s internal computer to warn the driver of any potential problems. When your vehicle is enduring a low brake fluid level, it can cause the brake light to illuminate. Due to the fact that your car’s brake system is sealed very tightly, the brake fluid should stay nearly full. However, it is normal for the system to lose some fluid as time progresses. If you notice a quite obvious and tangible amount of fluid that could call for concern missing from your vehicle, you should have it inspected with immediate effect to avoid further issues.
  • Fluid Discoloration and Dirtiness: Generally, when fluid turns into any shade of black or brown or has floating particles observably present in it, it is proof that the fluid is old and dirty. Low fluid levels may indicate a leak in the system, particularly if the system has recently been filled. Leaking brake fluid is dangerous because it provides little to no stopping power while driving.

Mercedes Brake Fluid Check

How to Solve a Low Brake Pressure Issue in Your Mercedes

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