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Tips to Maintain Your Volvo’s Ignition Coil From the Best Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein October 12, 2019

No automotive brand combines function and style quite like Volvo. Many families select this sleek vehicle because it meets their needs without looking like a “family car.” In addition to being undeniable versatile, Volvos are known for their reliability. Often times, once you invest in this vehicle, you won’t have to worry about surprise expenses or unforeseen damages.

In order to keep your Volvo working for years to come, consistent maintenance is key. This involves paying attention to slight changes in how vehicle drives in addition to frequent services.

One of the main parts that Volvo owners must keep an eye on is the ignition coil. This piece plays a vital role in how your car operates. Taking good care of it means your Volvo will operate an optimal function.

If you’re a Volvo owner and want to learn how to care for this vital piece, consider these useful tips and trips.

What are ignition coils?

Let’s first consider the role of the ignition coils. These electrical components are primarily responsible for delivering volts from the battery to the spark plugs. If you know the basics of electricity, you know this generates power, thus making your engine operate smoothly. While a majority of vehicles have one, the coil-on-plug, some vehicles have two. This generates more electricity within your car and delivers optimal power.

Reasons for Ignition Failure

One of the main reasons why ignition coils fail is due to general wear and tear. This vital piece plays a major role in how your car functions. This general wear deteriorates your ignition coil, making it difficult to operate effectively.

When your ignition coil is exposed to moisture, it slowly decreases in efficiency. Fluid leaks and oil exposure are the main contributors to overall failure. In addition, if your spark plugs are failing, they can directly impact how well your ignition coils operate. It is key to keep an eye on your spark plugs in order to effectively regulate your ignition coils.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Ignition Coils

Volvos aren’t known to misfire. So, if you notice that your engine is misfiring, it is time to get your ignition coils checked out. In addition, if your car is misfiring on a consistent basis, you may notice that your check engine light will come on. This is due in part to the lack of power being delivered from your spark plugs to the engine. Much like any warning indicator sensor, your check engine light shouldn’t be ignored. When you notice that it’s flashing, schedule an appointment with your professional mechanic immediately.

The best way to combat this issue is to replace your ignition coils all together. Although you can try and do this yourself, it’s best to let a trained mechanic handle this vital task. Since this component directly impacts your engine and its efficiency, the slightest mistake during replacement could result in engine failure.

Putting this vital service off could result in expensive repairs and uncomfortable drives. In severe cases, your engine may need to be replaced. Because of this, it’s key to keep an eye out on how well your engine is performing.

How to Maintain Your Ignition Coils

One of the best ways to maintain your ignition coil is to pay attention to how well your car is driving. When you begin to notice slight changes in your Volvo’s performance, bringing it in for general maintenance is suggested.

In addition, since the Volvo is considered a luxury brand, it’s best to keep up with your regular service appointments. Finding a skilled mechanic who understands the inner workings of your Volvo is key to keeping it in excellent condition.

Finally, consider what you put in your car. If you put cheap oil, fluid or fuel into your vehicle, the results can be disastrous. Therefore, it’s best to put premium-grade products in your Volvo to keep it operating at an optimal level.

Volvo Ignition Coil Check

How We Can Help

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your car in excellent condition. Finding a qualified team of experts to handle your ignition coils and general repairs is essential. A&M Auto Service is just the team to handle your needs. If you’re in the Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC area, bring your Volvo in today. We will have you back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle.

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