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Jeep Transmission Issues

Tips to Detect Transmission Issues in Your Jeep

by Dutch Silverstein July 21, 2020

Your Jeep is a hardy and enduring vehicle that, if treated right, will rarely fail you. However, no vehicle will go through its entire lifespan without issues here and there. If you’re not familiar with cars or if this is your first car, identifying problems can be tricky. This can be even more challenging with parts like your transmission, which can’t be seen in the same way that your tires or engine oil levels can be visually inspected. This doesn’t mean that the transmission should be overlooked.

Aside from your Jeep’s engine, the transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without a transmission system, your wheels and engine would not work to produce the forward movement necessary to take you places. This is why spotting transmission trouble early is important, as it can help reduce the severity of the issue and the cost of repairs. In this article, we will discuss six of the most common warning signs of transmission issues in your Jeep.

The Importance of your Transmission

The transmission is part of the engine system and is needed to turn power (energy) into torque (movement). Torque is needed to rotate your wheels on their axle, providing forward momentum. Without a transmission system, the power produced by combusting fuel won’t be turned into torque, meaning that your wheels won’t spin.

Six Common Signs of Transmission Issues

Let’s take a closer look at signs and symptoms of transmission issues so you can learn to spot them if they become a problem for your Jeep.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is designed to warn drivers of a problem within their engine system. This light gives the driver a chance to rectify the issue that is compromising engine performance and efficiency before it becomes more severe. The check engine light can illuminate for many reasons, some very basic such as a loose gas cap, and others which indicate a serious issue, such as catalytic converter failure. So, while the check engine light may illuminate to warn you of transmission failure, it may also light up to tell you of various other issues, so it should never be ignored.

Gears Slipping

Your transmission helps you to shift gears, and in the case of Jeeps with automatic transmission, it controls your gear changes. However, when it is on the fritz, your Jeep may unexpectedly slip out of gear, which will affect your ability to accelerate and decelerate. This can cause a lot of damage.

Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your Jeep is never a good sign. It normally points to aged transmission fluid. Like your engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be changed out from time to time, and when it becomes old, it will reduce its effectiveness and produce a burning smell. The same can be said for a transmission leak, which results in low levels of transmission fluid.

Noises while in Neutral

Aside from a gentle hum of the engine when your car is in neutral, it shouldn’t be making much noise. If you’re hearing weird sounds like bumps, grinding noises, banging, and so on, then you likely have a transmission issue such as low fluid, damaged gear teeth, or worn out bearings. Don’t ignore these warning sounds, as they’ll only get worse, and so will the problem and the repair bill.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid is meant to stay inside your vehicle. Any visible leaks from your Jeep need to be resolved swiftly. If you notice your Jeep leaves behind droplets of red or pink fluid that smells vaguely sweet, then your car is leaking transmission fluid. Leaking fluid indicates wear to your transmission, such as damage to seals or gaskets, damaged bell housing, an off-balance drive shaft, or a loose transmission pan.

Transition Issues

Your Jeep is constantly shifting gears as you drive. Anything out of the ordinary when driving, like power surges or unexplained noises, usually leads back to transmission problems. If your car drives jerkily instead of smoothly, don’t delay in seeking diagnostics and repairs, as total transmission replacement is costly.

Jeep Transmission Repair

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