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Tips to Choose the Best BMW Repair Center in Charlotte, NC

by Dutch Silverstein September 13, 2017

Owning a luxury vehicle isn’t for the light-hearted; it requires dedication to ongoing maintenance and repair work that will keep your vehicle in top condition at all times. Beyond luxury, performance is what’s most important when it comes to BMWs. BMW is a brand known worldwide for their innovation in design, engineering, and overall performance; anyone who owns such a machine should treat it with the respect and admiration it deserves. Finding a qualified automotive shop in Charlotte, Pineville, Greensboro and the surrounding areas in North Carolina may be difficult; shops are plentiful, but excellent quality of work and outstanding customer service is what we all really want in a shop that we be expected to trust with our prized BMWs. There are certain qualities that one should look for in any auto mechanic, and if you own a BMW, you certainly shouldn’t settle for just any run-of-the-mill shop. If you are at your wit’s end searching for one, here are a few tips for choosing the best BMW repair center in Charlotte, NC and the nearby areas.

Look for trained & certified BMW technicians

First, servicing a BMW is different than servicing any old car; BMWs require specialized attention and automotive knowledge in order to properly care for, and your automotive shop shouldn’t disappoint. Auto Technicians who are specifically trained in BMW engineering is preferable, especially if you want to have accurate diagnoses performed the first time around. Wasting time and money because a technician doesn’t have the required skills or knowledge to diagnose, treat, and test an issue is problematic for obvious reasons—no one has the time, energy, or funds to continue such endeavors. So, do yourself a favor and ask your automotive shop what kind of BMW training their staff has.

Beyond specified training in BMWs or general German-engineering, your automotive shop should require that all their technicians who service BMWs be certified. This means that they have a minimum requirement of years of experience working with that specific type of vehicle, with the proper tools and equipment, and of course, with the proper training. You may wonder then why you would take your BMW to any automotive shop that isn’t the BMW dealership; well, the answer is quite simple: your dealership may employ qualified technicians, but their reputations are less-than awesome. Therefore, the technicians that work at a shop are only one important moving part; there are other facets of a good automotive shop that you should also be looking for.

Look at online reviews

A shop’s reputation says a lot about the level of customer service they provide to their community. You should always look at the online reviews for a business, sifting through the array of different comments and concerns that the public may have. Of course a few bad reviews are to be expected, because customer satisfaction is sometimes relative; however, the bulk of reviews should be exceptional, and you should raise any concerns you have with the business itself. Calling the facility to learn more about their staff, their services, and their philosophies is always a great way to gauge how a shop treats its customers. You can then determine if their level of attentiveness to their prospective clients matches your needs in an automotive shop. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about the shop’s accreditations and connections to other automotive associations.


Pay a visit to A&M Auto Service

If you are looking for a reputable automotive shop to service your BMW in Charlotte, Pineville, Greensboro, NC or the surrounding areas, check out A&M Auto Service. We are a family-owned shop that values our client’s experience above all else. We have excellent customer satisfaction rates, and stellar reviews to match. We know how precious BMWs are to our clients because we specialize in German-engineering, and we show our appreciation for these machines by giving each client who owns one the opportunity to experience the true power of BMW. Our technicians are exceptionally trained with BMW engineering and design; they perform quick, accurate diagnoses where they are careful not to miss the important details that could make or break your wallet, keeping your car in the shop longer than needed. Contact us to learn more about our philosophies on customer service and how we can help you get the most out of your BMW experience.

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