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Tips To Check Audi Coolant Level

by Dutch Silverstein December 13, 2017

Any Audi driver will tell you that the strict maintenance schedule is well worth the high quality performance and otherworldly comforts that each vehicle provides. While routine service and maintenance of your Audi will go a long way towards preserving it there is also the matter of the fluids that keep your engine and other systems functioning properly. Perhaps none are more important than the coolant in your radiator that keeps your vehicle from overheating. An overheating vehicle can lead to a world of issues should that begin to occur with any frequency. That doesn’t mean that you should change your coolant with every single visit to the auto mechanic but these tips will help you know how to check the coolant level in your Audi and when it’s time to change it.

Check The Outside of the Reservoir First

The coolant reservoir should be clear so you don’t even need to open the radiator cap just yet to see what the level is at. Simply look and see how close your coolant level is to the full line on the reservoir. If it’s not quite up to the full line then you can open the reservoir and add a mixture of water and coolant that should be about 50/50 until it reaches the full line.

Check The Quality of Your Coolant

When you are checking your coolant levels also make sure to note the quality of the coolant. There are distinctive things to look for that can indicate old coolant that should be changed. For instance, coolant is usually red, green, blue or yellow so if it’s colorless, appears brown/rusty or is full of floating things then it’s time to flush your cooling system completely and add new coolant.

However you must also check the texture of your coolant to avoid serious issues/damages. If your coolant is sludgy or looks oily then you need to seek out a trustworthy mechanic immediately. That is one sign of a potential head gasket leak and it requires special equipment to check and diagnose so be sure that you choose a service center capable of performing that check.

Don’t Ignore The Other Areas

After checking your coolant levels you should also check the radiator hoses as well. They are the hoses that go into the top of the radiator and come out of the bottom and can often show signs of wear and tear. You should replace these hoses if you notice any leaks or cracks or if they are bulgy and squishy as that means they may break completely sometime soon without much warning.

Other Tips To Consider

When checking or changing the coolant in your car make sure you adhere to a few rules to prevent any issues or problems.

  • Only add water if you are in an emergency situation. Most engines have aluminum cylinder heads that need the antifreeze as they have anticorrosive properties. Because of that you need a 50/50 mix to prevent corrosion though in the event of an emergency you can use water until you have access to the usual mixture.
  • Never add coolant to a hot engine. If you need to add more coolant or mixture then wait until your engine cools down. Adding any liquid to a hot engine could not only result in burns but it may also crack the engine block. You can also avoid the risk of hot coolant being ejected by not opening the caps on either system until the engine has had sufficient time to cool down.
  • Consult your vehicle’s maintenance plan to determine the proper intervals for changing the coolant if you do not notice any signs of deterioration as listed above. Preventative maintenance is still the best way to keep your car free of expensive, long-term issues.

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