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Jaguar Engine Trouble

The Best Garage in Pineville to Visit for Your Jaguar’s Engine Trouble

by Dutch Silverstein February 14, 2023

When prestige is a priority for an automobile, Jaguars are the solution. The designs and performance are breathtaking, combined with luxury and pleasure in driving. Jaguars are one the most popular cars for enthusiasts, and its sleek style and resilience made it stand out from other European cars on the road. However, advancement in the technology does not protect your Jaguar from occasional engine trouble.

Common Jaguar Engine Problems

Let’s look at some of the most prevalent engine problems that we see with Jaguar models:

Timing chain problems

The timing chain is prone to natural wear and tear, eventually causing the chain to snap. The break could result in derailment of the chain from its channel, which can cause chaos under the hood if the chain is whipping around while the engine is still running. The solution to this problem is to replace the entire chain assembly with a more durable chain fitted by a Jaguar auto professional.

Overheating engine

The engine of Jaguars can overheat as the result of many reasons. The cause could be the radiator fan not functioning properly due to electrical errors. On the other hand, the radiator could be blocked by dirt or solid particles that accumulate over time, preventing heat from escaping. The solution to this is to check the radiator’s function and if it is leaking coolant.

Faulty distributor cap

The distributor cap is a link between electrical wires and ignition coils. The wires that go to the spark plugs obtain high voltage current from the ignition coil which is used to produce fire and combustion in the combustion chamber. When this distributor cap is faulty or broken, it may lead to less voltage current reaching the spark plugs, thereby causing firing problems to the car according to what each spark plug should receive.

Sometimes, the distributor functionality could be affected as a result of age, that is, having used it for a long time which causes the metal wires inside to function less. The solution to this problem is replacing it with a new, more durable brand.

Leak of oil pan gasket

The oil pan gasket of your car engine can develop a crack as a result of high temperature, pressure, or contact. The gasket of your Jaguar has a lifespan and may fail due to age. Apart from natural use, constant contact with metal surfaces cause a crack to develop in the gasket. High temperature and pressure can also cause the gasket to develop a crack or wear out. When this happens, water can leak into the oil compartment, which can lead to a serious problem. The solution to this problem is replacing it with a new and more durable gasket.

Loss of coolant

Coolants are very important in the control of the temperature of the car engine. If there is a failure in the coolant due to the leak, or non-compatible engine coolant, it could affect a number of functioning parts, such as the gasket and even the radiator. Plastic coolant assembly or reservoir of most Jaguars has been observed to leak, causing the coolant to drop underneath the compartment of the engine. When this occurs, it’s best to check and inspect the coolant reservoir quickly and attend to it in an auto shop known for such services to get the problem solved.

Jaguar Timing Chain Check

Let A&M Auto Service Restore Your Jaguar’s Engine Function

Performing regular checks on the Jaguar’s engine can help ensure that it runs at peak performance levels and can improve the overall lifespan and reliability of the vehicle. With Jaguar’s powerful engine, failing to keep up with regular maintenance can cause extensive damage if not caught in time. This can be costly and time-consuming, so Jaguar owners should take preventative measures and make sure their car or SUV is checked often by our certified Jaguar professionals. Doing so will give Jaguar owners a better sense of security against replacing or repairing parts that may have been avoided had they taken care of routine maintenance tasks.

To prevent engine problems, visit us today at A&M Auto Service. We provide top notch repairs and service to our clients in and around Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. Book an appointment with us now or call us to speak with a mechanic.

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