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Symptoms of a BMW in Need of Clutch Repair

by Dutch Silverstein May 6, 2018

BMWs have outstanding reputations in the auto industry; enthusiasts and average drivers alike revere them as one of the most reliable, consistent, and powerful vehicles on the market today (and for the past several decades). However, if you want to drive a BMW, sometimes it comes at a cost. Ongoing repairs and maintenance tasks can be costly for the average driver, but providing the highest quality parts and repairs for your BMW can rack up the dough easily. Therefore, when your clutch decides to burn out, you’ll likely encounter some repairs and maintenance costs that you might want to plan for ahead of time.

Clutch repairs aren’t uncommon in a range of BMW models, but there are certainly specific warning signs to look out for in your BMW when the clutch begins to fail. Finding the right repair strategy for your BMW’s clutch is essential, which takes professional skill and experience. Utilizing the help of a specialized BMW service can greatly benefit your clutch in the long run and help prevent issues down the road, pun intended. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of the clutch in your BMW and some of the most typical symptoms of failure to be aware of.

Why is the clutch so important for your BMW’s function?

The logistics of clutch functioning can be complex, just like all other automotive and mechanical concepts. In other words, it’s helpful to think of the clutch in the most basic of explanations so that the importance of the part, rather than it’s exact function, sinks in. On the most basic level, the purpose of the clutch in your BMW is to help regulate the process of gear shifting by separating the engine from the wheels. By doing so, the clutch allows the gear shifting process to streamline. Without the clutch, shifting gears effectively isn’t possible—which is why it presents such issues for BMW drivers.

The typical signs of clutch failure

Your BMW’s clutch can be broken down into many different smaller, subcomponents, which can also experience difficulty at times; this may or may not lead to total clutch failure, thereby needing extensive repair. Among some of the parts that can become compromised are: the pressure and/or clutch plates and the flywheel. If you have a mechanic service that specializes in BMWs, they can usually detect more subtle problems with these parts earlier on. Although, the below symptoms are helpful guides to determine if your BMW’s clutch is in need of repair.

Problems shifting gears

Clutch functioning significantly impacts your BMW’s transmission and its effectiveness. The most typical gear shifting issues one experiences are gear slipping and hesitation, which are most noticeable upon acceleration.

The pedal beneath your foot

One of the first and most noticeable symptoms of clutch issues is the elasticity of the clutch pedal itself. If you’re familiar with the give and take feeling of a clutch pedal, it can be highly concerning when you notice a serious difference in the pedal flexibility. Normally a clutch pedal is easy to press down, but when the clutch pedal gives easily, begins to stick, or you can feel harsh vibrations through it, it’s time for a BMW pro to check it out.

Concerning noises

Clutch pedals and the internal processes associated with their function generally don’t emit any serious sounds or noises. You might hear a soft release of air when you press down the pedal, which is normal; however, if you start to hear concerning sounds when you press down on the clutch pedal, the clutch might be in the process of deterioration.

It’s simply that time

Every car begins to suffer in certain areas over time. For some drivers, the clutch begins to wear out quicker than others. This could be due to individual driving habits and clutch over-extension, or it could be due to the engineering and mechanics of BMW cars. In any case, it’s natural and normal for parts to wear over time and need maintenance.

Blue BMW E90

What A&M Auto Service can do for your BMW

The expert BMW technicians here at A&M Auto Service have an extensive history and background of experience working with German-engineered vehicles like BMW. For over 2 decades, we have provided outstanding care for our loyal clients in the areas of Pineville, Charlotte, Greensboro, NC, focusing on consistently expanding our knowledge and education in the field of specialized auto mechanics. Clutch issues can be especially concerning for BMW drivers. If you suspect that your BMW’s clutch is in need of repair, please call our shop to schedule a consultation. We look forward to restoring your German car back to its excellent quality and performance.

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