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BMW Water Pump Failure Sign

Symptoms of a Bad Or Failing Water Pump in Your BMW

by Dutch Silverstein February 16, 2021

You most likely do everything you can to take care of the maintenance required for your BMW. However, you may have concern that your water pump might be failing. There are signs to watch for that you have a bad or failing water pump in your BMW that include coolant leaking, a loose water pump pulley, overheating issues, and or steam coming from your radiator.

Before you call to schedule a professional service, get a few more details on what you can watch for to determine if it’s time to have an inspection of the car done.

The Water Pump: It’s Primary Job

Every vehicle that operates with a motor has a water pump under the hood, regardless of make or model. The purpose of the water pump is to take coolant from the radiator and cycle it through the motor. It then gets pumped back to the radiator, and the same cycle continues.

Your BMW must have coolant continuously circulating through the engine to keep it at the same temperature, regardless of how long it’s been running or the outside temperatures. Without a properly-working water pump, it doesn’t take long for the vehicle engine to warm up to temperatures that could destroy it.

That’s why it’s essential to know the symptoms to watch for that indicate something is wrong. By knowing what to look for, you can more quickly get the BMW into the auto repair shop and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars from an engine rebuild.

Symptoms Your Water Pump is Failing

You now understand why you need a fully-operational water pump. So, let’s look at ways to recognize when it’s time to have a mechanic take a look at it.

  • Coolant leaking: There are several gaskets and seals in place that keep the coolant flowing through the proper apparatuses under your hood. Eventually, they will wear out or become damaged. Coolant leaks out either near the center of the car or the front, typically if you need something replaced. An expert can do a thorough inspection rather quickly and determine where the leak is and repair it before the water pump goes out completely.
  • Water pump pulley that’s loose: A loose pulley or belt will make a very noticeable whining or buzzing sound. It happens when the assembly of the water pump is beginning to wear out. Waiting too long to have the problem looked at could mean that the assembly’s bearings have fallen into the water pump. If that happens, it can no longer be fixed and must be replaced.
  • Overheating: Because the water pump’s primary function is to keep your vehicle cool, the surefire sign that it’s not doing its job is when your temperature light comes on. The coolant can’t be sent through the engine block like it’s supposed to, and then you’ll be looking at some severe problems.

If your engine gets too hot, you may crack cylinder heads, burn pistons, or damage head gaskets. These are all problems that are rather costly to remedy, and in some cases, require a complete replacement of the motor.

  • Steam coming from the radiator: Steam is the most visual indicator that there’s something wrong with your water pump. If there’s steam coming from your radiator, that means that your engine is already hot enough to produce the vapor you’re seeing. The best thing to do is pull over to the side of the road and call for service. By ignoring it, you could completely blow up your motor and ruin the car.

BMW Water Pump Replacement

A&M Auto Service of Pineville is Here to Help

To get a more detailed description of what’s taking place with your vehicle, head to A&M Auto Service of Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. A fully-qualified mechanic on the staff will inspect the water pump and all related components to determine if something needs to be repaired. With our level of experience in auto repair, you can rest assured that your BMW repairs will be completed correctly.

We know how scary it can be if you see smoke coming from your radiator or if your car is continuing to overheat. Let us give you an accurate diagnosis so that you can drive with peace of mind again. Call us today for an appointment.

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