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Porsche Driveshaft Support

Signs of Driveshaft Support Failure in a Porsche from Certified Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein January 26, 2022

The driveshaft in your Porsche is also called a propeller shaft. It transmits torque from the engine to the wheels to enable the movement of your car. It is held in place by the driveshaft support, and its failure makes it difficult to control your Porsche.

Like many other components, it is prone to failure anytime and could be due to an array of reasons. An expeditious diagnosis of the problem and quick repair will save you a lot of money.

Let’s take a closer look at the following possible signs of driveshaft support failure.

Vibrations and Shuddering from Under Your Car

The most common sign of failing driveshaft support is vibration and shuddering from beneath the car. This can be felt through the floorboard or the steering wheel. If your U-Joints, bushes, couplers, or carrier bearings are worn out, they can lead to extreme driveshaft vibration.

If the unit is out of balance or not bolted down properly, it may also cause vibrations. You need to get these components repaired and the problem fixed by our professional technicians to avoid further damage to other components and a more costly repair bill if other parts break.

Clicking, Knocking, and Loud Clanking Noise

Another indicator of a failing driveshaft is strange noises. A clicking noise will indicate a worn or failed CV (Constant Velocity) joint. A possible damaged or worn out U-joint will produce a loud, clanking sound when shifting in your vehicle.

The driveshaft’s ability to rotate normally is affected when the bushings and bearings that support the drive shaft get worn down; hence, the clanking, squeaking and rattling noises. Usually, the squeaking noise increases as you go faster. We will inspect your Porsche and diagnose the noises to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Shuddering During Acceleration

Shuddering when accelerating from a stop or low speed or to a stop position could be due to a loose U-joint or bad carrier bearing. You may also experience some bizarre sounds as your Porsche shudders. You must have this checked out sooner than later by our experienced team to avoid further development of this issue.

Problems with Turning

If you are facing problems when negotiating turns, there is a high possibility that you have a damaged driveshaft. The damaged driveshaft will prevent your wheels from turning correctly, limiting your control of the vehicle. Your wheels won’t get the appropriate amount of torque due to a U-joint issue, which would likely come from damaged support; hence, turning will be very difficult due to the additional resistance. The moment you realize you may have a driveshaft support issue, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid accidents due to failure to control your vehicle.

Driveshafts are exceedingly stressed components of your Porsche when driving. You should inspect the driveshaft support regularly for any potential problems. Also, check the U-joints for slop or slack because any looseness will cause them to wear.

Check for dents, scratches, and grooves on the tubing. Above all keep the drive shaft lubricated, at all times. Lack of lubrication causes damage to the driveshaft and its components. Extensively-utilized driveshafts should be inspected regularly since they can wear our quickly due to excessive movement.

In case you have a problem with your driveshaft support in your Porsche, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. The parts are very expensive as the problems get worse, and since you may not have expert repair knowledge, it is best to bring your Porsche to a certified mechanic.

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