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Mercedes Differential

Signs of a Differential Failure in Your Mercedes

by Dutch Silverstein September 7, 2020

Maintaining your Mercedes requires a combination of attentive care and maintenance in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. A proper maintenance schedule helps ensure the continued high-level performance of your Mercedes. It also improves your protection against common brand-associated problems such as differential failure.

This article will cover the most common warning signs of a differential failure in your Mercedes, and the best course of action to take when one does occur.

Look for Warning Signs

In the interest of preventing costly damages to your Mercedes as a result of differential failure, it is crucial that you pay close attention to how your Mercedes is running at all times. Any indications of a differential failure should be dealt with as soon as they are observed, for if left unchecked, differential failure can create unsafe, potentially life-threatening driving conditions.

As one of the parts responsible for movement, a well maintained, properly-functioning differential is vital to the continued health of your Mercedes. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common warning signs that will alert you to a differential failure.

Puddles Under the Vehicle

Any strange liquid leaking onto the ground underneath of your Mercedes should be investigated without delay. If the liquid in question is differential oil, or gear oil, it might be difficult at first to distinguish from regular engine oil: one of the best ways is to check is to search for the location of the leak.

Your Mercedes is most likely leaking differential oil if it appears that the leak is coming from one of the axles. In this case, prompt servicing can prevent further damage to the axles, tires, drivetrain, and transmission from occurring.

Strange Tire Damage

If your Mercedes is experiencing a differential failure, you may notice unusual signs of wear along the sidewall and outer tread of your tires. This is the result of your differential improperly varying the speeds of your tires while performing turns. This can shorten the life of your tires and lead to possible blow outs.

New Sounds and Vibrations

Frequently, problems with your vehicle’s differential will cause noticeable changes to the way your vehicle normally operates. Depending on what part of the differential is failing, you may experience clunking, rattling, shaking, or sometimes even howling noises while operating your vehicle.

Whenever you feel a new sensation or hear a new sound while driving, it is important to have your Mercedes inspected by an expert as soon as possible. More often than not, these changes are symptoms of a larger problem that could lead to expensive and potentially-dangerous damage happening later down the road.

Difficulty Handling

Difficulty in handling your Mercedes is one of the most serious signs of a differential failure. This is particularly dangerous when turning, and any change in your vehicle’s handling should be addressed immediately. This typically is the result of advanced damage to a part or parts of the differential. It can quickly progress into a total loss of control while driving.

How to Respond

Once you suspect a problem with the differential in your Mercedes, it is important to act quickly if you wish to contain the problem. Due to the expensive nature of damages that can occur as a result of a differential failure, it is highly recommended that you consult with a trained Mercedes mechanic. More often than not, a differential failure is too complicated of an issue to be safely dealt with in any sort of DIY manner.

Mercedes Differential Failure Fix

A&M Auto Service Can Help

While a differential failure can occur in any vehicle, these problems are particularly common in the Mercedes brand. It is essential that you remain vigilant for any indication that something is amiss.

Our ASE-certified technicians at A&M Auto Service will provide you with the absolute best service at a fraction of the dealership cost. As the #1 European import and domestic auto repair shop in the area, we have been proudly serving Mercedes owners from Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC for the last 22 years.

If you begin to notice signs that your Mercedes is experiencing a differential failure, trust A&M Auto Service to provide you with the world-class standard you have come to expect from the Mercedes brand.

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