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Mercedes Benz Transmission Leak

Reasons Behind Transmission Leaks in a Mercedes Benz

by Dutch Silverstein May 2, 2020

Keeping a superior-quality vehicle like a Mercedes Benz in optimum condition can take a trained eye. One thing that is pretty easy to catch, however, is a leak coming from your transmission. If you notice that your car’s transmission leaks, it can cost you a lot of money to repair the damage to your car and replace the lost fluid. This article will cover the signs of a leak of transmission fluid, various causes of transmission leaks, and where to go to get the issue fixed. But first, let’s talk about how to spot a transmission leak.

Signs of Transmission Leak

The clearest sign of a leak is a puddle of transmission fluid under your vehicle. Transmission fluid can be differentiated from other fluids within your automobile by its appearance: it is typically red, slippery, and has an oily smell.

Also, be on the lookout for other potential transmission problems that could indicate that your car is low on transmission fluid, such as your transmission starting slow.

Your transmission is an essential part of your car. Like nearly every piece of technology in your car, your transmission must be lubricated to keep its parts moving smoothly and efficiently and prevent metal from grinding on metal. If fluid leaks from the transmission, things are no longer lubricated well.

A leak could point to a separate problem, such as a crack somewhere in the transmission. Transmission fluid also stains concrete, so your driveway may be permanently discolored. If your car has a transmission fluid leak for too long, irreparable damage can be done to your transmission, so it’s crucial to spot the leak quickly and get it fixed.

Causes of Transmission Leaks

There are numerous reasons for this problem to arise in your Mercedes, from critical to relatively benign. Some of the most common causes are listed here:

Drain Plug Not Tightened Correctly

If the drain plug at the bottom of your drain pan is not tight enough, it could cause fluid to leak out of the pan. On the other side of the coin, if your drain plug is too tight, it could damage the threading on the plug and cause fluid to leak. It’s all about finding the right balance. Unfortunately, this often happens after changing transmission fluid, so make sure that no matter who changes the fluid, the drain plug is put on correctly.

Hole in Transmission Pan

Your car’s transmission pan is designed to hold transmission fluid in your vehicle. It’s located on the underside of your car and is susceptible to be damaged from rocks and debris that strike it. If the transmission pan is punctured, fluid will start to leak from the hole.

Broken Transmission Pan Gasket

The transmission pan gasket is the piece of rubber that sits between the transmission pan and the transmission housing. If this tiny but extremely critical piece of rubber breaks or tears or is not functioning properly, your Mercedes’ transmission fluid can begin to stain the ground rather than lubricate your transmission’s parts.

Crack in the Torque Converter

The torque converter sends transmission fluid around your vehicle’s transmission to keep everything lubricated, so if there is a crack in the converter, fluid will begin to leak out.

These causes can be hard to identify, so in many cases, it will be necessary to bring your Mercedes Benz to a trained mechanic.

Mercedes Benz Transmission Tank

A&M Auto Service Will Help

A transmission leak may prove to be a pesky problem, especially if you have a busy schedule. Your Mercedes was designed to offer you a luxury ride, so the highest-quality mechanics are necessary to keep it in tip-top shape to return your car to you in a short time.

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