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Volvo Front Strut

Reasons Behind Front Strut Issues in Your Volvo from Certified Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein June 17, 2020

Many drivers choose Volvo vehicles when looking for smooth performance, comfort, and safety. While these cars certainly deliver on their promises, they are not immune to their own set of problems. One of the more common issues that you may run into as a Volvo owner is the failure of the front struts.

It’s crucial that you address the issue right away to avoid expensive repairs in the future. In this article, we’ll share an in-depth explanation as to why your front struts fail, what to look for when they do, and how to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The Importance of Front Struts in a Volvo

Because drivers are more prone to think of huge issues like transmission failure, oil leaks, and engine failure when we think of important car parts, smaller auto parts like struts may slip their mind. However, these struts are vital to the performance of your Volvo.

Struts are part of your suspension system. They absorb impact from rough terrain (i.e. potholes) to keep your car safe and to help you enjoy a smooth ride. When they begin to experience issues, they cause a chain reaction over time that will negatively impact many other important parts of your Volvo.

Symptoms of Front Strut Failure

When the front struts malfunction and begin to fail, you will notice subtle changes in your driving experience. These will grow over time into concerning problems.

One more easily-observable symptom of front strut failure in a Volvo is that you feel the impact of dips, potholes, and other rough terrain more severely. Instead of a small bump, it will feel like a jerking or rough bouncing. This is the first sign that your suspension system is failing due to issues with struts.

Your car may also begin to drift to one sign of the road. The failure of suspension struts causes your car to move out of alignment, thus keeping your car from driving in a straight line on flat ground. This is concerning because, in hazardous driving conditions, you will not have as much control over your Volvo as you should.

A more subtle warning sign of front strut failure is an abnormal wear pattern in your tires. Each tire should wear fairly evenly over time. When only one side or one tire is worn more than others, it is a sign of alignment issues that are often caused by the failure of the suspension system, including front struts.

Reasons Behind Front Strut Issues

These symptoms are just signs of an even deeper problem that has caused the front struts of your Volvo to fail. If you have recently had a car accident, however minor, it could be the reason why your front struts are damaged. Even a fender bender may damage the struts and the suspension system overall.

General and inevitable wear can cause your struts to break down. Every car part suffers wear and tear over time; it’s just a result of regular driving. When this happens, all you can do is bring your Volvo to a qualified team of mechanics for repairs.

Though in many cases, front strut damage is out of your control, you may be having these issues because you have neglected to uphold a maintenance schedule for your Volvo. Sticking to one is crucial because it allows mechanics to diagnose and resolve issues early before they hamper your ability to drive safely.

Resolving Front Strut Issues in Volvo

When your Volvo begins to show the warning signs of front strut failure, you need to make an appointment with Volvo specialists as soon as you can. If you delay, you only risk further damage that will cost a lot of time and money to fix, which can be frustrating.

Volvo Front Strut Issues Fix

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