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Porsche Poorly Functioning Clutch

Professional Repair of Pressure Accumulator Failure in Your Porsche From Expert Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein October 25, 2020

Porsche is known for designing high-performance, exciting vehicles. So, when your Porsche has an issue, it can be disappointing. There are a few part failures that are synonymous with the brand, and one common issue that we see is pressure accumulator failure.

The Pressure Accumulator

The pressure accumulator is a hydraulic component that is located in several areas of your Porsche. Its function is to store and release the pressure needed to help the fluids perform properly. Some of the systems that use a pressure accumulator are:

  • air conditioning
  • brakes
  • clutch assembly
  • fuel system
  • suspension
  • transmission

Symptoms of a Failing Pressure Accumulator

Since your Porsche uses several hydraulic pressure accumulators, there are many different symptoms you may experience if one of these fails. Pressure accumulator failure can significantly affect your vehicle’s overall performance. The most common symptoms of pressure accumulate failure include:

Air Conditioning is not Blowing Cold Air

The A/C system requires hydraulic pressure to produce cold air. If the accumulator fails, there will be no pressure. You will experience low airflow that does not cool the car as expected.

Suspension Issues

Your Porsche suspension system uses hydraulic pressure to absorb shock, which provides the smooth ride you expect. When the accumulator fails, you will begin to notice a rougher ride and less fun with your Porsche model.

Poorly Functioning Clutch or Brake

Brake fluid and transmission fluid are crucial for the operation of your Porsche. If the brake pedal or clutch pedal are not working properly or are hard to press, it could be due to a failed pressure accumulator.

Illuminated Warning Lights

Your Porsche’s dashboard has various warning lights. If any of the lights are illuminated, have your trusted mechanic run a diagnostic check. The scan will produce codes that will let us determine the problem.

Common Causes of Pressure Accumulator Failure

The main reason for pressure accumulator failure is pressure loss. Pressure loss is often caused by leaks around valves, seals, and hydraulic lines. A leak will decrease the amount of pressure stored. This will reduce performance leading to part failure.

How to Fix Pressure Accumulator Failure in Your Porsche

There are multiple pressure accumulators in your Porsche. Some of them are essential for safety. Fixing the pressure accumulator failure can be difficult and special tools are required. We do not recommend that you attempt to fix the issue yourself, as improper installation can make your car unsafe to drive.

How to Avoid Pressure Accumulator Failure

The best way to avoid pressure accumulator failure is by staying current on regular maintenance. By staying on schedule, your mechanic will be able to find possible issues before they manifest into bigger problems. Taking care of them right away will help you avoid major downtime.

Things you can do to help prevent pressure accumulator failure:

Run Your AC

You may not want to run your air conditioner in the winter, but it is a good idea. You should run it on full power at least 10 minutes once a week.

Take Care of the Suspension

When the suspension is having issues, it is placing stress on the pressure accumulator. An easy way to reduce stress on the suspension is to make sure that your tires are properly inflated.

Do not Overuse Your Brakes

Your brakes are vital to your Porsche and need to be properly maintained. When you drive your car, do not apply excessive force. Always drive sensibly and leave enough room so that you can stop slowly. This will increase the lifespan on the accumulator and the brakes.

Hire a Porsche Specialist

If you notice any issues with your Porsche, call the experts at A&M Auto Service Center. Our certified mechanics can take care of all your Porsche needs quickly and professionally. We have decades of experience and provide complete services and repairs.

Our services include:

  • A/C repair
  • battery replacement
  • brake service & repair
  • check engine light maintenance
  • clutch repair
  • diagnostic inspections
  • engine repairs
  • factory scheduled services
  • fluid checks & changes
  • oil changes
  • performance tuning
  • preventative maintenance
  • suspension services
  • tire/wheel services
  • transmission repairs

Porsche Suspension Check

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