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My Mercedes is Overheating: What Should I Do?

by Dutch Silverstein April 24, 2017

Preventive maintenance” is like the spiritual chant that our cars whisper to us every morning. When was the last time you had your oil filter changed? Your fluids topped off? Your engine inspected? These are some of the most basic and routine preventive maintenance tasks that will enhance your driving experience and keep your car running smoothly for many years to come. Even in our best attempts to prevent wear and tear to our cars, there are some things we just cannot predict. Sometimes we just are not able to squeeze in that most recent fluid checkup, and combined with the weather, there are some things that we just cannot predict. On especially hot days, even the most cared-for vehicles are susceptible to overheating. Mercedes-Benz is known for their luxury vehicles and tough engineering that can withstand serious tests. Unfortunately, even a Mercedes can overheat in the middle of a country road, leaving you stranded. Furthermore, if an overheated Mercedes is not treated right away, it could potentially cause further damage to your prized possession. Here are a few things you can do when you notice your car is overheating.

Know the warning signs

Being aware of the warning signs of your car potentially overheating is important—it can prevent serious damage to your engine, and it can keep you from becoming stranded on the side of a deserted road somewhere. When the weather is especially warm and the air conditioning is cranked up, keep an eye on your temperature gauge in your car—it will tell you when your engine is getting too warm before a serious issue occurs. This is particularly important when you are going on a long drive in such conditions. The first thing you can do is turn off the air-conditioning for a while and pull over to allow your car to breathe for a moment. Or you could even turn the heater on for a while; this takes the devastating heat away from the engine for a period of time.

Keep the essentials handy

Being a prepared driver is important, especially when you own a luxury brand vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz. Extra towels, a first-aid kit, a few bottles of water, and a spare tire are a few essentials to always keep in your car that can help you out of a sticky situation, to say the least. However, even the most prepared drivers rarely keep extra antifreeze in their cars—now is the time to start. Because that last checkup appointment was missed, or because it was an exceptionally hot day, it is a common response for even the best-designed vehicles, like Mercedes, to overheat in such conditions. If you are able to top off the coolant, or use a bottle of water for now, it may help bring your car out of its heat spell.

Solving Engine Overheat Issue

Let your engine be cooled

After you have pulled over, and if you are not the world’s most prepared driver who carries extra antifreeze in his car, give your Mercedes a break—let it cool off for about a half an hour. After the engine has sufficiently cooled, you should check out the engine for damage, and in particular, take a look at the tank that holds the antifreeze—it is possible that the contraption is faulty, has begun to melt, or has begun to leak. You can figure this out fairly easily if you check out what’s happening underneath your vehicle—you may notice puddles of coolant (be aware that this is not the normal condensation from the air conditioning that you were blasting previously). Mercedes is a highly trusted brand, but even then, under the most extreme conditions such things can happen, and it is best to know what you’re looking for and be as prepared as possible for a scenario like this one.

Final words

If your car is cool enough, you will want to refill the antifreeze, or use your extra bottle of water. Note that if the overheating is because of a leak, the coolant refill is only a band-aid until you are able to get somewhere safe where your car can be towed or looked at by professionals. No matter what the case is, when your Mercedes overheats it is always best to take it into your favorite, trusted mechanic shop to be sure that it stays in working condition.

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