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Why is My Mercedes Having a Starting Problem?

by Dutch Silverstein November 25, 2017

Mercedes-Benz is a brand synonymous with luxury, and while Mercedes vehicles live up to their ideals, the nature of any machine requires that they be regularly maintained and repaired over time. Regular maintenance is critical to extend the longevity of your car, and forgoing such maintenance can lead to issues. When you get in your Mercedes to go to work in the morning only to realize that the engine won’t start, it can be stressful and inconvenient to deal with the consequences of such a problem. Check engine light illumination, engine misfiring and stalling, and intense vibrations could all be symptoms of the real source of your Mercedes’ engine troubles. In order to assess and properly diagnose the issue, you should always consult with professionals who have the adequate diagnostic equipment, skill, and knowledge. Furthermore, because Mercedes cars typically have their own set of unique issues that commonly occur, it is important to find professionals in the automotive field who have particular knowledge and skill working with various Mercedes models. When your Mercedes is having a starting problem, there are many things that could be contributing to the problem. Here are a few of the most typical starting-related issues for Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

Battery Problems

Car batteries can lose charge and diminish in their capacity to perform over time, leading to an inevitable replacement eventually. Most automotive experts recommend battery replacements to occur between 4 or 5 years of use, but that will depend upon the driver’s habits, the condition of the battery, and the circumstances under which the vehicle is stored. While Mercedes cars are well made, the battery can still corrode and it will eventually need to be replaced. The starting issue could be traced back to the alternator, which is responsible for recharging the battery while driving. If the alternator doesn’t do its job, the battery cannot perform.

Electrical Issues

Another common problem in Mercedes cars that could lead to starting problems is electrical issues. Electrical issues such as blown fuses and circuits are generally caused by another issue, sometimes having to do with failing spark plugs. However, the wiring in your engine is particularly susceptible to damage or failure that leads to starting issues. These are relatively simple parts to replace, but a differential diagnosis should be performed in order to rule out other issues first. Furthermore, electrical issues should be thoroughly tested with proper equipment and fixed by a professional with specific experience in repairing electrical components.

Faulty Starter

The starter is like a giant motor that spins the fly wheel of the engine to instantly begin the ignition process. Problems with a Mercedes starter can be traced back to other issues, of course potentially with the ignition itself. Furthermore, the starter can cause electrical issues that often lead to blown fuses when it isn’t working properly. In this case, the engine will not turn over. Other issues with the starter could be confused with a faulty key or key fob.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Your Mercedes is a complex interworking of many parts and components that must work together in order to properly function at all times. Issues with the spark plugs may lead to issues with electrical components. Spark plug problems can be a result of fuel system issues as well.

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Our Approach to Mercedes Starting Issues

As you can see, all of these issues related to starting problems can be interconnected, and cause a chain reaction of problems and failing parts. Ongoing vehicle maintenance is a way to help prevent such issues from occurring. Of course, sometimes despite our best efforts these things happen anyway. Although Mercedes engineering and design is sound, it is typical for complex machinery such as automobiles to occasionally fail. Here at A&M Auto Service, we dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy in the diagnostic process so that we can accurately assess an issue and determine the best way to solve it. Our specialization in European imports, like Mercedes-Benz, serves us and our clients in the Pineville, Charlotte, Greensboro, NC areas well; we have specified training and expertise in working with all Mercedes vehicles, and the accuracy of our work is unrivaled by nearby dealerships. If you are having problems starting your Mercedes, contact us today to schedule a diagnostic appointment.

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