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Main Causes of a Broken Motor Mount in Your Volvo

by Dutch Silverstein March 23, 2018

The different parts of your Volvo’s engine all serve important functions. Down to the smallest screw, nut, and bolt, your engine relies on every single piece to perform optimally. You might venture to guess that the larger components of your engine serve even more important functions; some of the most critical engine components under your Volvo’s hood are the engine mounts, or motor mounts.

Motor mounts don’t generally need to be replaced unless the part deteriorates. They can be quite costly to replace, but eventually these parts can wear out over time as your vehicle ages and sustains damages. Due to constant vibration and quick maneuvering, the engine mounts can break down sometimes quicker under certain conditions. If your Volvo encounters an issue with the engine mounts, you’ll need to have it looked at by a Volvo specialist right away to prevent further damage.

What is the function of a motor mount?

As we mentioned before, motor mounts serve an important purpose for your Volvo’s engine. As the name suggests, engine mounts are what secure and stabilize the engine, keeping it from slamming down into the rest of the components under your hood. As your car takes fast turns, stops abruptly, or goes over bumps, the motor mounts are what keep the engine in one place, and in one piece for that matter. Over time, since the motor mounts hold a lot of weight and force on them, they can become broken the more mileage your Volvo accumulates or the harder you drive it.

Signs and Symptoms that it’s broken or malfunctioning

The signs and symptoms of a broken or malfunctioning motor mount should be concerning enough to a driver to want to bring it into a Volvo specialized automotive shop for an inspection. Since the engine mounts are what secure or hold up the engine, you might begin to notice increased, intense vibration coming from the engine. While this could be due to any number of things going wrong, it should certainly be checked out by a Volvo Specialist who can perform a differential diagnosis to isolate the motor mounts as the source of the problem. Volvo drivers who experience engine mount failure might also encounter loud rattling coming from engine during acceleration or even during idling.

Causes of breakage or failure

Motor mounts begin to deteriorate at a slow pace over time the moment a vehicle begins to be driven regularly. However, even with age and normal wear, you may never need to replace the motor mounts in your Volvo. One of the biggest predictors of motor mount failure is the level of care the car receives routinely. The more opportunities automotive techs have to inspect your engine, the more likely you are to be able to prevent such issues from occurring. Rough driving also takes a significant toll on motor mount health. Going over speed bumps quickly, for instance, has more of an impact on your motor mounts.

Why it’s important to address the problem quickly

Broken motor mounts themselves cause your engine to be at risk overall, as the weight of the engine is resting on the other motor mount when one breaks; therefore, it’s only a matter of time before the other one breaks too. Broken engine mounts can also have a significant effect on the more vulnerable parts of your engine, like hoses and belts. When your engine isn’t kept as secure, it can cause serious rocking and vibrations, compromising the belts and hoses.

Volvo XC60 R-Design

How A&M Auto Service can help

A&M Auto Service, serving the areas of Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, has provided specialized automotive work to many Volvo clients over the years—including those experiencing motor mount issues. When a motor mount is improperly installed, it might as well be broken; it doesn’t offer your engine the stability it needs, and you might experience symptoms as if it were malfunctioning. That’s why we make it a point to ensure all of our work with accurate diagnoses and repair work that isn’t rushed or ill preformed. We take pride in every repair, replacement, and maintenance procedure we encounter, whether you drive a Volvo or any other European import. For an inspection of your motor mounts or any other procedure, please contact us directly.

* Volvo V90 2017 Engine image credit goes to: teddyleung.
* Volvo XC60 R-Design image credit goes to: gargantiopa.

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