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How to Know Which Engine Oil is Best for Your Car

by Dutch Silverstein October 26, 2017

Regular oil and oil filter changes is of the typically recommended maintenance tasks that every driver should keep up-to-date on. The oil that we put in our engines is what keeps all the moving parts running smoothly; therefore, it is critical that we use the correct type of engine oil when replacing used oil. Different types of engines run best on specific types of oil, and the scientific rationale behind this can be difficult to understand for some. What it boils down to, is that the oil you choose can have an effect on engine performance, fuel efficiency, and future repair bills—so it’s critical to do your research before choosing any specific oil type.

Furthermore, most acclaimed oil brands undergo strict testing in regard to the quality and efficiency of their contents; it is important to pay attention to labels and descriptions on bottles. It is usually in your engine’s best interest to refer to your owner’s manual about oil type suggestions, and you can even contact the manufacturer with pertinent questions about your specific vehicle. Here is a little more information about some of oil types you are likely to come across while researching:

Synthetic Oil

These types of oils are generally made for higher-performance vehicles or luxury vehicles, such as Mercedes or BMW. Synthetic oils are known for their viscosity and ability to prevent harmful oil buildup in your engine. They can last for longer periods of time and are more efficient under special circumstances than other types of oils; for instance, they are better able to withstand drastic temperature differences without sacrificing performance levels. While it may be tempting to use synesthetic oil for the aforementioned benefits, it might not be what’s best for your particular engine—not all cars were created equally.

Standard, Conventional Oil

Just as viscosity is a key feature of synthetic oil, it is also a critical element in conventional oils. These types of oils are typically used in average everyday vehicles that are not particularly loadbearing. Unlike synthetic oils, it may be suggested to use different viscosity oil depending on the time of year and outdoor temperature—the different viscosities should be visibly indicated on the product bottle. Because the viscosity may need to be changed throughout the year, it is especially critical to bring your car in for regular oil changes. There are even specific conventional oils that can be used for vehicles with a higher number of miles on the odometer.

Blended Oil

Synthetic oil blends are generally known for optimizing fuel efficiency in larger, heavier vehicles like trucks and larger utility vehicles. They are also known for their low cost; usually right around the same price as standard engine oils—far less expensive than the typical synthetic oil. A synthetic blend might seem to give you the best of oil choices when it comes to fuel economy, price, and performance optimization; however, take precautionary measures to check with your manufacturer before using a synthetic blend—again, it may not be what’s best for your engine and can cause problems down the road.

Engine Oil
Now that you have a little bit of background information on the various types of oils on the market, it is important to refer to your owner’s manual before taking any further steps. If your owner’s manual leaves you wondering more about what the best type of oil is for your engine as well as your driving needs, then you should consult with knowledgeable professionals.

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