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Is the Ignition Coil Failure in Your Volkswagen Bothering You?

by Dutch Silverstein February 20, 2018

Automobiles are complex and intricately designed in order to achieve a certain level of performance and durability. European imports like Volkswagen are particularly known for their high level of design and engineering which contribute to their outstanding rates in performance and reliability. If you own a Volkswagen, then you’ve likely come to expect a certain level of performance, and when the car doesn’t drive the way you anticipate, it can be discouraging and outright infuriating. One crucial component of Volkswagen design that commonly encounters issues is the ignition coil, which greatly impacts the overall function of the vehicle.

Volkswagen vehicles require a specialized level of care and ongoing attention, which includes inspecting the vehicle’s engine at specific intervals. Ignition coil failure in your Volkswagen can be due to or exacerbated by any number of factors, including: issues in design or engineering and maintenance of certain driving habits. The signs and symptoms of a failing ignition coil are concerning, and one must remain aware and vigilant. It’s important that any signs of ignition coil failure are addressed immediately, as it might be further damaging to the complex innerworkings of your Volkswagen’s engine to let the problem persist. If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms, it’s essential to contact an experienced Volkswagen automotive specialist:

Fuel Economy Decrease

One of the most concerning and upsetting signs of ignition coil failure is a lowered fuel economy. Volkswagens are known for their excellent fuel efficiency and gas mileage, and its one of the aspects that car buyers look for in any vehicle. Unfortunately, a failing ignition coil will certainly lower your Volkswagen’s performance in several areas. Keeping an eye on your driving habits, particularly when quickly accelerating, can be helpful in eliminating other potential reasons for lowered fuel efficiency.

Misfiring Engine

Engine misfiring can be a symptom of several other issues with your Volkswagen’s engine, and it’s important that your automotive specialist performs a thorough diagnosis to rule out possible causes of the symptoms with accuracy and credibility. However, since ignition coil failure interrupts the combustion process, it is not uncommon to experience engine misfiring as a result of ignition coil failure. Additionally, since performance is so severely affected by engine misfiring, it’s a symptom that must be addressed immediately.

Engine Stalling

When your Volkswagen begins running rough, you might experience frequent engine stalling. Engine stalling is inconvenient, dangerous, and disruptive to a smooth driving experience. It is critical to inspect the potential cause of the stalling quickly—the damage could leave lasting effects on your Volkswagen’s performance and reliability. Wondering when your car might stall is no way to experience driving in a Volkswagen.

Premature Spark-Plug Wear

Worn out spark plugs are one of the key determinants of ignition coil malfunction or failure. Damaged or worn spark plugs cause a serious disadvantage to the ignition mechanism. Your car’s ignition coils utilize power from the vehicle’s battery to ignite the engine, and spark plugs play a huge role in helping this process. When spark plugs aren’t working well, the ignition coils have to make up for lost energy and power. Spark plugs that are worn and left unreplaced are problematic, because any subsequent repair work done to the ignition coils will be money, time, and effort wasted. It’s important that your automotive specialist take time to properly diagnose the issue and find the origin of the symptoms before assuming the problem rests in the ignition coil alone.

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