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Importance of Steering Column in Your Volvo

by Dutch Silverstein February 5, 2018

Volvo is an innovative and forward-thinking Swedish vehicle manufacturer that doesn’t mess around when it comes to safety and function—they don’t believe it’s necessary to sacrifice one for the other in order to create a fantastic automobile, suitable for many different types of drivers. Volvos are known for their safety features and family-friendly designs, but they aren’t just well-designed for the typical family. The company designs with the future in mind, always. The outcome is always economical, efficient, and affordable. Having said that, One critical aspect of Volvo design is in their suspension and steering systems; they are complex, and an important part of their safety design.

Consistent maintenance and upkeep is important for your Volvo’s suspension and steering function, and sometimes despite our best efforts things can still malfunction or become damaged. One critical part that connects the steering system and suspension systems is the steering column. In order to control the direction the wheels are pointing, the steering column connects to parts of the car’s suspension. The steering column in a Volvo plays an important role in both vehicle performance and safety. If common issues arise, you might notice signs and symptoms of the problem.


When it comes to buying a luxury performance vehicle, Volvos are an excellent choice. Volvo’s are not only known for their luxurious interiors and incredibly well-designed safety features, their outstanding performance is recognized world-wide. However, if the steering column is damaged or malfunctioning, the feel and effectiveness of the steering mechanism and system can become compromised, lessening its performance capacity. For those of us who have invested a good amount of money in such a car, this can be problematic—we come to rely on such performance and reliability once we’ve had it. Routine inspections and ongoing care is important in order to maintain your Volvo’s performance.


Your Volvo’s steering column is designed to absorb force from front-end collision impacts. Collapsible steering columns were designed to eliminate serious threat to the driver’s life; otherwise, with enough force, the steering column could severely injure the driver. The steering column also houses the airbag mechanism, which has tested to be highly efficient in Volvo design. One of the safest cars on the market, Volvos are reputable for saving lives on the road. Investing in a car for such reasons means that maintaining the safety features in a Volvo must be a point of consideration in its ongoing automotive work.

Common Problems

Issues can arise with any vehicle’s steering system—in this respect, Volvo’s are not unique. Over time, parts can become damaged, worn-out, or simply malfunction without proper care and maintenance. Your Volvo’s steering column is made up of a system of intricate parts that all must be well-functioning in order to execute its role. Worn-out bearings and gears, gaskets, due to built-up debris, dust, or dirt is not uncommon.

Driving a Volvo

Signs and Symptoms of a Problem

When your steering column begins to malfunction or fail, you will likely notice observable differences in your Volvo’s performance. Concerning sounds like a grinding or clicking when turning the steering wheel might indicate an issue with the steering column. Another sign that your steering column may need repair is rough or ill-functioning steering ability. Additionally, if you notice that your steering wheel is behaving oddly, you should not let the issue go long without diagnosis. For instance, if your steering wheel does not go back to its center position on its own after completing a turn, the steering column safety mechanism should be inspected.

How We Can Help

The automotive professionals here at A&M Auto Service have a passion for and extensive knowledge of Volvo vehicles. Clients from all over Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, have brought us their Volvos for inspection, maintenance, and repair for years. Our ASE certified technicians focus intently on the diagnostic process for every vehicle that comes into our shop because we know that’s the most critical portion of the repair process. Beyond simply providing efficient and accurate work for our clients, we save our clients money by using dealership quality parts and skill at half the cost. If you would like to have a steering and suspension inspection, please contact our shop directly. We look forward to helping restore your Volvo to its proper performance level.

Volvo XC90 Steering Wheel Image credit goes to: gargantiopa.

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