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How to Diagnose Fuel Pump Leaks in Porsches

by Dutch Silverstein August 18, 2018

Porsches are made for people who want to drive in style, separated just a little from the ordinary world around them. They are not built primarily for getting good gas mileage. However, when you start to notice something is off with your fuel consumption, it may be a sign that your Porsche fuel pump is not working correctly.

Unusually Low Gas Mileage

One of the early signs of a fuel pump leak in your Porsche is that you get poor gas mileage. Most of the 2018 Porsche cars get between 19-23 miles per gallon, with only a couple models going lower than that. If you have a Hybrid, you should be getting at least 45 miles per gallon. If your car dips down to 10 miles per gallon on the open road, that should be a red flag to you that there is a problem going on somewhere. This is an early sign that you have a fuel leak in your Porsche’s fuel pump. Even if it is not your fuel pump specifically, you are leaking fuel somewhere, and it should be attended to by a qualified auto technician as soon as possible.

Noticeable Leaking Gas Under Your Car

The second sign that your fuel pump is leaking in your Porsche is that you will begin to notice leaking gas underneath your vehicle. If the leak is in your pump, it may not be a constant drip, but when you park, some of the excess may drip on the ground, and you may smell the gasoline that has leaked on the underside of your car. This is another warning sign that you have a leak in your fuel pump.

Why Do Fuel Pumps Leak?

Fuel pumps usually have a small hole in the bottom of the unit, called a weep hole, which allows fuel to escape if the internal mechanisms leak. This helps alert the owner that there is a fuel malfunction. Connected to the pump are a metal tube and a rubber hose. Since the metal tube is exposed, it can rust over time, causing leaks. The rubber hose can also become worn out and leak fuel out of the system.

What Does It Cost to Fix Your Fuel Pump?

Fuel pumps are not cheap components in any vehicle, and a Porsche is no exception. If you take your Porsche in for a fuel pump replacement, plan on spending about $1000. That may seem to you like a lot of money for a small part of your car, but without it, you have terrible gas mileage, and when it ultimately fails, you will not have any fuel getting to the engine to make your car go. If you want a car that moves, you need a working fuel pump.

It is also dangerous to drive a car with a leaking fuel pump. That fuel has to go somewhere. Either it splatters onto hot parts of the engine, with the potential for disastrous effects there, or, more likely, it falls onto the road. This may seem like a safer option, but it really is not. You may be able to resist the urge to smoke around your car and prevent the burning ash from cigarettes from coming into contact with the leaking fuel under your vehicle, but that is no guarantee that everyone else around you will resist that same urge. If you have a leak in your fuel pump, get it inspected immediately by a qualified auto technician.

Porsche Cayman

Dutch Can Fix Your Car

The European auto specialists at A&M Auto Service are the #1 repair experts in Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, and have held this title for over 25  years. Fuel pumps are essential to keep in good, working condition if you desire a safe driving experience. A&M is committed to ensuring that you and your car remain safe on the road and that you are getting the best mileage you can out of your Porsche. Furthermore, we will accurately diagnose any problems so you will not be charged for replacing parts that are still in good condition. Our factory-trained technicians know when a pump needs to be replaced or when you just have a leaking hose. If you suspect you may have a fuel pump leak, contact A&M Auto Service today.

* Porsche Cayman image credit goes to: SusanaValera.

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