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How To Deal With Wiring Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

by Dutch Silverstein December 19, 2019

Your automobile is operated by a truly complex system of various electrical components. The wiring harness is a compilation of electrical wires or cables that sends electrical power and specific signals throughout your car. It serves a vitally important purpose as it connects the different components of your Volkswagen. When it fails, the entire performance of you VW will be compromised.

Volkswagen has earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality, reliable, and affordable automobiles. This German line of cars includes one of the most popular models in vehicle history: the VW Beetle. Built with style and class, VWs are designed to deliver an optimal driving experience. While they are known for their excellence in engineering, they are not without the occasional mechanical faults. These automobiles can fall victim to issues related to the wiring harness and its failure.

What causes the wiring harness to fail?

It is not uncommon for wiring harnesses to last the entire lifetime of your automobile. However, there are a few factors that may play a role in a harness malfunction or failure. Most of these causes relate to the initial manufacturing process. For example, the harness may have been assembled with the incorrect wire size or an improper lay out. Another cause could be in relation to the crimping process; crimping is done to terminate the ends of the wires. If this is not completed properly, it may result in malfunctioning circuits. Extreme road conditions can also have a detrimental effect on the harness. Cold, heat, vibration and even rainwater can cause stretching or cracking of the component.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Wiring Harness

You should consult a reputable auto service center to properly diagnose a wiring harness failure in your Volkswagen. An expert mechanic can identify the problem and make the necessary repairs. If the entire harness needs to be replaced, it is a large and complex undertaking. Let’s look at a few warning signs of a malfunctioning wiring harness.

Dead battery

One of the first and most recognizable symptoms of a potential harness failure is a dead battery. This points to an issue with the electrical signals being sent out properly.

Engine does not run smoothly

A bad wiring harness can cause the motor to suddenly rev up or idle down for no apparent reason. This may also cause the automobile to stutter, jerk, or lurch forward while driving.

Inconsistent battery

Your battery may not be completely dead, but it may lose its charge extremely fast and a frequent number of times.

Check engine light illuminates

Your check engine light can illuminate on your dashboard for multiple reasons. However, a short or malfunction in the wiring can trigger this sensor. It is important to have your car diagnosed as soon as possible when this alert is present. Your VW could suffer from serious consequences if the issue is not addressed in a timely manner.

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Volkswagen Wiring Harness Issue Check

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and are ASE certified. We understand that while your VW is a budget-friendly, sporty automobile, it has its own complex machinery under the hood. We are committed to servicing your import with the same quality, standard, and attention to detail as the dealership but without the high cost. A&M is also focused on building a trusting, friendly, and personal relationship with each customer. We will never pressure you into services or repairs that you make you feel uncomfortable. If you suspect a wiring harness issue, don’t hesitate to call us! We are readily available to inspect, diagnose, and address any problems you may experience with your Volkswagen.

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