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How a Bad Tailpipe Can Affect a Mercedes

by Dutch Silverstein August 5, 2019

Mercedes vehicles offer their drivers a luxury experience that many of us can only dream about. However, in return, they demand and deserve good maintenance standards. A neglectful owner can turn their dream car into a safety risk. In regards to a luxury car, this would be a true disservice to the expert engineering and construction that goes into each vehicle. This article aims to teach you the signs and symptoms of a bad tailpipe and what you should do to repair them.

What is the tailpipe?

Also referred to as the exhaust pipe, the tail pipe is the final part of the exhaust system which vents out the emissions from the burning engine fuel. These emissions have been made safe by the catalytic converter. This is generally the only externally-visible part of the vehicle. On luxury vehicles such as a Mercedes, they can be chromed or have a stylized tip.

While the exhaust system might seem relatively simple; fuel burned/emissions out, it is actually a far more complex system and is integral to the smooth operation of your vehicle. Any issue with this system of pipes can markedly affect the performance from your Mercedes.

Signs of a Bad Tailpipe

Loud Exhaust/Hissing Sounds

If your Mercedes develops a loud exhaust sound, then it is likely there is a crack or break in some of the exhaust piping. The loud sound is the result of an exhaust leak. These sounds will be most noticeable when you accelerate and will usually sound like either a hissing or tapping sound.

Stinky Exhaust

Healthy exhaust fumes should actually have a low odor. So if you start to notice an exhaust or a burning gas smell, it is likely there is an issue somewhere along your exhaust system. This can be the first sign of an issue, that if left unchecked can become quite a worrying health issue. This is because if there is an emission leak, toxic fumes may find their way into the cabin, filling it with a raw gasoline smell.

Decrease in Power and Fuel Efficiency

Exhaust leaks can directly impact the performance of your Mercedes. Due to a loss of backpressure, an exhaust leak can cause a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. This will not only cost you money by increased refuelling, but it will also detract from the drivability of your luxury vehicle.

Hanging or Dragging Pipe

Probably the most concerning or serious symptom of a tail pipe problem is when the tail pipe is hanging or even dragging underneath the vehicle. This happens when the pipes break and usually can be visibly seen drooping underneath the vehicle or heard as they drag along the ground. There are several reasons as to why this might happen, it can happen quite suddenly due to an impact with a large piece of road debris, such as a rock or piece of trash. It can also happen over time, due to poor maintenance leading to rust and/or corrosion.

Other Symptoms

Your tailpipe has no indicators to inform you of problems with your exhaust system, but it can give a signal of issues within your engine and other connected systems. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the state of your vehicles emissions. If they appear excessively dark, discolored, excessive or limited, or acrid, this can inform you of issues with oil leaks or with your catalytic convertor.

Mercedes Bad Tailpipe Fix

Seek Maintenance and Repairs

If your Mercedes has gone some time without a full service or seems to be having exhaust issues, then it is your responsibility as a good Mercedes owner to seek repairs and servicing. A poorly-maintained vehicle is at high risk of sudden failures, making it a danger not only to yourself but other drivers and pedestrians. An issue with the exhaust can also be a danger to the environment too, releasing harmful and toxic gases into the atmosphere.

If you live in or around Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC and want to ensure your Mercedes is fighting fit, call or come into A&M Auto Service as soon as possible. With a coupon for a free 30-point safety check, you really have nothing to lose and perhaps much to gain.

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