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Fixing a Faulty Window Switch in a BMW

by Dutch Silverstein July 4, 2019

Have you been a victim of a faulty window switch in your BMW? It isn’t a common problem, but it does happen, and always at the most inconvenient time. There usually is little to no warning before this switch fails.

The most frequent window switch failure happens in the front, driver-side door. This is due to the fact that it is used more frequently. Many people will never come across this issue, but it does occur and it can happen in older cars as well as newer cars.

What is a window switch?

A window switch is the component that is connected by wires and cables to your window motor. When you press the switch, it activates the motor and the window will either go up or down. Some vehicles only have a single switch in each door, while others may have a master switch that is located in the driver’s door panel. This convenience allows the driver to have control over all of the windows. Frequent use of these switches can lead to wear and eventually failure.

Symptoms of a Faulty Window Switch

Windows are a very important part of your vehicle. They are not just for allowing air to enter the car or for you to pick up food in a drive-thru. If you happen to be in an emergency situation, it is very possible that you may need to open or close your window fast. If you’re experiencing issues opening or closing your windows, get your trusted mechanic to address the issue promptly for your safety.

If you think that you may have a faulty window switch in your BMW, check to see if you have any of the following symptoms.

The window works intermittently

Sometimes you may open your window and it works fine, but when you try to put it up, it doesn’t want to close properly. Other times it may close fine, but it doesn’t want to open. This is a common symptom of a failing window switch. If you experience this symptom, you should have the switch replaced as soon as possible. It won’t be long before it fails completely and your window will be stuck open or closed.

Only the master switch will engage the windows

If your passengers are trying to open their windows and are unable to, but you can with the master switch, then there is an issue with the window switch.

One window will not work

If only one window will not open or close it could be a bad motor, fuse, relay, or window switch. The window switch is the most common reason for a window to stop working.

None of the windows work

If all of the windows quit working at the same time, you could either have a bad relay, blown fuse, or the master switch may have failed.

Having the Window Switch Replaced

If you have a faulty window switch, it is time to have it replaced. If the switch isn’t functioning properly, it can be both an inconvenience as well as a safety hazard. Window switch repair can be tricky, so we suggest that you have it completed by a technician who is knowledgeable in BMW parts and repairs. A&M Auto Service can diagnose and repair any power window issue that you are having in your BMW.

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BMW Window Switch Repair

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