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Jaguar Window Issue

Find A Masterful Jaguar Specialist in Pineville for a Window Regulator Failure

by Dutch Silverstein August 11, 2021

One of the standard features that modern luxury cars are equipped with is power windows. A possible issue that your Jaguar may face is window regulator failure. The weather in North Carolina can be rough. Having a stuck window will get you either wet or freezing fast. At A&M Auto Service in Pineville, NC, we specialize in Jaguars and other European imports. Our team of specialists will quickly diagnose and repair any issues with your Jaguar.

Window regulators provide a basic function in your vehicle by enabling your door windows to go up and down. This is done through a system of pulleys and gears that are attached to a window by clips. There are two types of window regulators: a manual or a powered regulator. Modern Jaguars come with powered window regulators aka powered windows.

Why do window regulators fail?

One of the more annoying things that can go wrong with an automobile is a failed window regulator, leaving your windows stuck down during the winter or in a violent thunderstorm. A stuck window is also a security issue. If your window is down, anybody can easily get inside your Jaguar and access all your personal items inside. Let’s look at some of the more common reasons why your window will not operate properly:

  • Broken Cable: One of the most common reasons why your window does not move is because the cable that controls the window regulator has failed. Cables can break from getting snagged on something inside your door, from the cold weather, or because they are worn out from natural degradation over time.
  • Detached Cable: The cable may detach from the window, which would make you lose control of the window. You may roll your window down during a hot day, but when you want to roll it back, it might not budge. Cables breaking or detaching or one of the most common reasons for your regulator to fail. Our experienced technicians specialize in servicing Jaguars and can get your windows fixed quickly.
  • Broken Glass Clip: Glass clips are generally made of plastic and can wear out over time. It will have the same symptoms as a broken or detached cable and could cause your window to get stuck inside your door.
  • Faulty Motor: Over time, using your powered windows will cause your motor to get worn out. The motor may show signs that it is failing, such as sporadic and slow operation. It could also seize completely in any position.

If you are a DIY mechanic, you may think that replacing a window regulator may be an easy task. However, you would be far from the truth. Replacing a window regulator takes special tools and experience to replace your window regulator correctly. Many DIY mechanics will quickly realize that it is beyond their specialty.

A stuck window is not only a safety issue. It is also a security issue. If your window is stuck, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. At A&M Auto Service our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest factory-grade tools and technology to quickly diagnose your Jaguar and get you back on the road fast.

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