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Factors That Reduce Risk of Car Theft

by Dutch Silverstein January 10, 2018

If you’ve ever had your car broken into, it can feel scary—after all, it is a violation of your privacy and property. When a car is stolen in its entirety, it is even more concerning and stressful. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of car theft, including changing your security routine. You can also invest in anti-theft devices that are designed to prevent car jacking or theft. Furthermore, since many people park on the streets, cars are left extremely vulnerable. Although many cars today come with stock anti-theft devices, due to your own needs or personal experience you may wish to have tougher security on your vehicle. With the help of the right professionals, enhancing your car’s security can greatly reduce the risk of car theft. Here are some suggestions you might consider:

Precautionary Habits

The idea that your car was stolen because you left the window down is absurd—your car got stolen because someone decided to steal it. That being said, there are certain things we can do to prevent our cars from being easily broken-into, as generally criminals go for the path of least resistance. If you don’t already practice security habits, it could be helpful to begin: locking your doors every time you leave the car; rolling up all the windows when you park; and engaging your car alarm, if you have one installed. Don’t forget to leave valuable items out of sight, or at home.

Anti-Theft Devices

Again, many vehicles manufactured today come stock with anti-theft devices. Depending on the area your car is left in, an anti-theft device might not help; however, there are other options besides the bare basics that could only further add to your vehicle’s security. While it may be helpful to invest in wheel locks, tire locks, and hood locks, there are other more high-tech options out there that will adequately protect your car, and even locate it if it’s stolen.

Car Alarms

The basic car alarm is typical for most vehicles manufactured today, and comes stock in most cars on the market. Car alarms are designed to sound a loud siren noise to alert the driver when the car is violated at all. If any of the windows are broken, if someone tries to pull the door handle without a key, or even leans on the vehicle, the car alarm will sound for several minutes.

Electronic Tracking

This is a device that you can typically purchase after-market that will track your vehicle wherever it goes. This should be installed by a professional. If your car is stolen, one of the first questions police officers will ask is, “does your car have a tracking device on it?” If so, this can be quite helpful for locating your vehicle.

Immobilizer Tech

This technology is common in many key fobs today. Immobilizer tech allows your car to be able to detect if the correct key is in the vicinity of the vehicle, enabling its starting functions. Unfortunately, car theft has lately involved methods of disrupting key fob signals that allow the car to be stolen without the proper key.

Why might you want to invest in an anti-theft device?

Anti-theft devices have certainly shown to be effective in preventing car theft. With that in mind, there are many factors that might contribute to investing in an anti-theft device for your own car. Living or working in crime-ridden areas of town, owning a particularly susceptible luxury vehicle, and personal experiences are all reason-enough to purchase an anti-theft device.

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