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Easy Maintenance Tips for Porsche’s Cooling System

by Dutch Silverstein February 23, 2017

Not everybody gets to own and drive a Porsche each day. The power, comfort and performance that they have been renowned for has been well established for decades as Porsche continually represents a pinnacle of cool. As such, making sure proper maintenance schedules and service intervals are addressed and taken care of is one of the biggest commitments drivers make when purchasing a Porsche. It takes a lot of work to maintain the performance capabilities of each car and as such, knowing what to service and when will go a long way to extending the lifespan of your vehicle. One area that is vital to always stay on top of is the cooling system, as with any vehicle, overheating can lead to catastrophic damages while other breaks and wear can have effects felt throughout the entire vehicle. These are just a few tips to follow for easy maintenance on your Porsche’s cooling system to avoid some of the most common, and expensive, issues.

Simple maintenance tips to follow

  • Always Check and Maintain Fluid Levels– Performing regular checks on the coolant in your radiator is a pretty good habit to get in to. Should the levels be lower than usual, it can be a good indication that there may be a loose hose or a leak somewhere. Also check the reserve/overflow tank to ensure that those fluid levels are proper as well. The proper mixture for antifreeze coolant is 50/50, 50% coolant and 50% water should you need to add any coolant to your vehicle.
  • Routinely Drain and Flush the Radiator– Even constantly monitoring the coolant will not be able to prevent a build up of dirt and contaminants in the cooling system, while the antifreeze will also lose effectiveness if left unchanged for extended periods of time. Draining the radiator and refilling it with new coolant and water is strongly advised once a year in most places and you should flush the radiator with high pressure water or cleaner to remove dirt, contaminants and additional metal particles that build up before you replace the coolant and fluids.
  • Check the Caps and Hoses– These may be overlooked but loose or damaged caps or hoses connected to the radiator can cause serious problems with your vehicle’s performance. If an improper amount of fluid is being used or is available, it can put an additional strain on the vehicle, which will either cause an unusual sound or affect the handling when driving. Routinely inspecting the cap and hoses for wear and tear, dirt, cracks or looseness will help you prevent issues before they become full issues, as they are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. Porsche maintenance plans call for the hoses to be checked at least twice a year and changed should they be damaged, cracked or inflexible while they should be changed completely every few years.
  • Adjust the Water Pump– Porsche cooling systems work off of a water pump that keeps the coolant in your vehicle constantly moving, which means that this pump is crucial to the proper performance of the cooling system. It is strongly advised that you check and either adjust or completely replace the water pump drive belt at the proper intervals or more frequently if need be. These do tend to wear over time given the constant use and high pressure, so checking for wear and tear or cracks and missing chunks will help you avoid a larger issue or damages should it break suddenly.
  • Keep Your Entire Car Maintained– A well maintained vehicle is crucial to keeping your Porsche’s performance intact, everything from the timing, idle speed and exhaust systems among other systems can have an effect on the temperature of your engine. Addressing issues throughout the car will help keep your cooling system in top condition as a result as well.

Man Driving A Porsche

Final words

No Porsche looks better on the side of the road than it does on it and as such, proper maintenance & servicing of Porsche is necessary to keep the systems well checked and taken care of. Your cooling system is one of the key components to your vehicle’s performance; knowing easy ways to keep it well maintained and properly taken care of will make sure that your engine runs healthy and you can enjoy your car for as long as possible.

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