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Dealing with Driveshaft Support Failure in Porsches

by Dutch Silverstein August 22, 2019

Porsches are known for their speed and elegance. They are considered one of the most enviable cars in the industry. However, their high-performance comes at a cost. Parts that are prone to wear and tear are more likely to fail when driven in the manner the Porsche demands. Add that to a potentially faulty center bearing on the driveshaft, and it’s both costly and irritating.

The issue of the faulty center bearing is most likely limited to Porsche Cayennes built between 2002 and 2010. Based on issues we have seen at the shop, and certainly what can be read about online, driveshaft support failure is an issue for many Porsche owners.

In this blog post, we’ll cover what the drive shaft does, the role of the center support, signs that the support is failing, and how to deal with it.

What does the driveshaft do?

The driveshaft is a long cylindrical tube that is powered by the car’s engine. The driveshaft spins, which then transfers torque to the wheels, which makes the wheels spin. In front-wheel drive, all the power is going to the front wheels and the back wheels are being pulled along with the rest of the car. However, because the engine is also at the front of most cars, the weight is also upfront with the wheels that have the power. This makes front-wheel drive vehicles excellent choices for most drivers.

All-wheel-drive vehicles have a differential at the front and back axles, which distribute the torque between the wheels. All-wheel-drive vehicles are heavier and usually use more fuel than front-wheel drive vehicles.

Driveshaft Center Support

The driveshaft center support is aptly named as it literally holds the driveshaft in the center of the undercarriage of the vehicle. If you’ve never looked at the underside of a car, you might think that this is a series of U-shaped metal pieces that hold the cylindrical driveshaft to the bottom of the vehicle, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Because the driveshaft is connected to the wheels, it moves to adjust for uneven driving surfaces. So, the center support is actually a bearing which allows the driveshaft some movement, without rattling the whole car.

Driveshaft Center Support Failure

When the driveshaft support starts to fail, you may hear or feel it first. The sound can be like a metal-on-metal noise or a squealing sound. Your car might also start to shake or vibrate. You may be able to tell that the shaking is originating under the automobile. Another sign that your driveshaft support is failing might occur when you are turning or driving over bumps on the road, since this will cause additional shaking or noise.

Fixing the Driveshaft Support

One of the hardest parts about fixing anything on an automobile is the process of getting to the part that needs to be repaired. Because as much as we might like to, we can’t just flip our cars upside down to work on something underneath them. Hence, this repair requires the ability to get under the car to remove the damaged part and replace it. Hopefully, the problem was caught early enough and there isn’t any damage to the driveshaft or the chassis. This is something you want an expert to look at. The risk of additional damage to your Porsche is too high to let just anyone work on it. At A&M Auto Service, we’ve got you covered.

Porsche Driveshaft Center Support Failure Fix

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